Machine Embroidery Design Indian peacock on the tree - 3 sizes
Peacock is one of the most recognizable birds on our planet. Peacocks for centuries adorned the courts and gardens in Europe and Asia with their beauty and grace. Machine Embroidery Design Indian peacock on the tree precisely renders the bright colors of the feathering and the stunning beauty of the tail.

Peacock is the hero of many fairy tales and legends. Indian tales and legends glorify his courage, loyalty and kindness. One of them tells how the peacock got the splendid coloring of his feathers. The story narrates that during an unusually strong hurricane in the jungle, a flock of butterflies was desperately looking for a shelter. Seeing that, the kindhearted bird hid them under his tail. The tail of the peacock can be two meters long, twice the length of his body, thus, it was a safe place for butterflies. But the bird had a hard time. Finally, the storm was over and the grateful butterflies flew away. But part of their beauty remained on the peacock’s feathering to commemorate his deed.

Indian peacocks became the national symbol of their country in the last century. Indians, observing the peafowl in natural conditions, consider the birds the symbol of beauty and joy, grace and love. In Hinduism, this bird is believed to be sacred. They freely roam the fields and cities of India. Peacocks are regarded as such not only for their beauty. These majestic birds are able to eat young cobras without any harm to themselves.

Machine Embroidery Design Indian peacock on the tree – 3 sizes


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Besides, they are excellent guards. Peafowl has a developed sense of territory and a terribly unpleasant voice. They make very loud and harsh sounds, frightening out the intruders. Peacock every year loses and regrows his magnificent feathers. This allows him to be considered a symbol of revival too. The choice of peacock feather machine embroidery will impact deep meaning and splendor on your project.

Alexander the Great brought the peacocks to Europe. The legend says, he was astonished by the beauty of these birds on seeing them freely roaming the banks of the Ganges. And he forbade his soldiers to harm or disturb them. However, such an admiring attitude of the Hellenes did not prevent the Romans from breeding peacocks to serve their meet. The peafowl meat does not decay. This unusual quality made the bird a symbol of immortality. Images of a peacock are often found in the catacombs of early Christians.

Peacock feather machine embroidery or painting is often used by the church to symbolize renewal, resurrection and immortal life. The curious fact is that fairy tales and fables of peoples, where peacocks do not live in nature, paint them proud and arrogant. They depict only their external features — beauty and graceful pace. Other useful qualities of Indian peafowl were not claimed outside the country of their origin.

The Machine Embroidery Design Indian peacock on the tree is represented in three different sizes to make a perfect choice for the desired project possible. An embroidered picture will make a beautiful gift, becoming an excellent decoration of the room. The beauty and symbolism of the design are able to brighten the environment and create the special atmosphere.

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