Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Border

Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Border

There is an enchanted world, where azure vastness of the sky, kissed by gentle mist of pearly clouds and aquamarine scintillation of a gently frothed ocean are intertwined in a beautiful never-ending efflorescent reverie. This mesmerizing, ever-blooming turquoise whirl is a whimsical realm of a beautiful Russian enchantress, the name of which is Gzhel.  Lavish and lively ornamentations of this blue and white beauty are admired all over the world for the fairytale charm and exquisite elegance, with which they enliven any surrounding.

Whereas royal aloofness of Gzhel, gracing porcelain and pottery is still impressive, when embracing agreeable softness of textile, this masterpiece of art becomes a truly magnificent sight, imbuing the piece it is bedecked on with sublime comeliness and finesse. Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Border is a brilliant example of the flowering exuberance, framed by truly elegant artistry of lines and forms. This stunning design, while epitomizing Gzhel tradition in one its most sensational guises, is also a tribute to traditional motives of other fascinating cultures.

Machine Embroidery Design Gzhel Border


Size: 66.0×178.6 mm (2.60×7.03 “), Stitches: 22400
Formats: pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, .jef, xxx

The beautiful color palette itself was a precious present to Russian tradition from far-away Holland. Gzhel artisans did justice to the gift, glorifying the hues with their nonpareil virtuosity. Now, this floral border boasts of beautiful blends and ombres, borrowed from the sky itself. Palmettes and arabesques in their curvaceous silhouettes ooze spices and smokes of nargileh. Combined together, all these marvelous elements create a mesmerizing symphony of chic and refinement, tradition and novelty, opulence and class.

Floral motive of such stunning sophistication does not just decorate a textile piece; it absolutely transforms its feel and look. A simple white table-cloth, ennobled by this royal design, would acquire luxurious feel of a special-occasion table-cover. Textile sets of any nature, embroidered with this Gzhel pattern, will make extravagant and highly impressive presents. Decorative accessories, flourishing with this blue and white floral design. Enhance the aura of any interior with its fresh and vibrant colors and exquisite outlines.

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