Machine Embroidery Design Endless orchids

Machine Embroidery Design Endless orchids, which will appeal to admirers of these delightful flowers. They fascinate with their unusual beauty, a bit strange to the inhabitants of temperate climate. Avid growers even say that if you got one orchid, soon you will go for the second.

At the mention of orchids most imagine Phalaenopsis, or the Moth orchid, a rather popular potted plant. The flower can be found on every second windowsill, as it is not particularly fastidious. Typical features of Phalaenopsis are fleshy leaves, growing only at the base of the stem, and inflorescence. It looks like resembles a butterfly or a moth in flight.

Real fans of orchids grow not only Phalaenopsises, because there are so many types of these plants. For example, a very interesting one is Paphiopedilum sanderianum. Growers affectionately call it Sander’s orchid. It was named in honor of the Englishman Frederick Sander, famous as a leading collector of such flowers of the late nineteenth century. Sander’s house, located in the suburbs of London, was known as the world capital of orchids.

Machine Embroidery Design Endless orchids


Size: 118.2×122.3 mm (4.65×4.81 “), Stitches: 13842
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, xxx, vp3

Sander’s orchid is considered the kind with the biggest blossom. While three its petals are quite normal, not exceeding 5-7 cm in diameter, the other two are twisted into a spiral and can reach a length of 90 centimeters! The plant with 4-5 flowers looks like a waterfall, or long wavy hair.

In our days the largest collection of these plants is gathered in Singapore. In the National Orchid Garden, which attracts more than three million tourists each year. Since the opening in 1995, the number of species that are grown on the territory of three hectares, reached a thousand, and the total number of plants – 60 thousand.

The National Orchid Garden in Singapore hasn’t appeared by chance, as Singaporeans adore these flowers. In 1981 the Vanda Orchid for its resilience and ability to bloom all year round was selected as one of the official symbols of the country, defeating 40 other applicants from the world of plants.

If you also want to have a garden of orchids without making huge efforts for their cultivation, decorate your home textiles with the embroidery ENDLESS ORCHIDS. The design of two elements with linking marks can be transformed into a luxurious border or the whole cloth, which will ever delight you with bright colors of blooming exotic flowers.

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Date: 11.01.2017