Machine Embroidery Design Christmas candy

During the Christmastide we traditionally create a festive atmosphere at home: hang garlands, cut out snowflakes, bring in boxes with bells, candles and wreaths, and of course, decorate a beautiful Christmas tree. Traditional decoration also includes special stockings that Santa Claus can fill with treats, coins or small toys.

You can decorate the stocking with wonderful machine embroidery. Beautiful bright design Christmas candy would be an excellent choice; its elegant look will delight both children and adults. You can find how to place the design on a stocking on the Royal Present Embroidery gallery and select one of three available sizes before downloading.

Machine embroidery design Christmas candy displays a sweet New Year tree decoration. Along with bright colored stars, it is placed on the branches of blue spruce, sparkling with festive lights.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas candy


The tradition of cooking candy canes originated centuries ago in Germany, and there is a beautiful legend about it. In 1670, the church choirmaster of the city of Cologne, in order to calm naughty children during the Living Crèche tradition of Christmas Eve, gave them sugary sticks. So the sweets were not perceived as a treat and were a good lesson, the choirmaster bent ends of the soft caramels. It had to remind the children of the cane with which shepherds came to welcome the birth of baby Jesus. Thus a popular festive treat was born. Red and white stripes appeared later, as a custom of hanging sugary canes on the Christmas tree as decoration.

A recipe for homemade Christmas sweets was published in 1844, and for a long time they were only done manually. Attempts to automate the process somehow and use it in confectionery factories were not successful for a long time. It was not difficult to make a straight caramel stick in comparison with a curved one. Only in the mid-twentieth century the machine was patented that could twist the candy into a spiral and cut it into a perfect cane.

Today Christmas cane can be of any color and taste, in addition to the usual mint. However, the red-and-white stripes are the most popular as a tribute to tradition.

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Date: 17.11.2016