Machine embroidery design Chameleon

Recommendation: Use a white cloth

Unusual multicolor Machine embroidery design Chameleon will be good on any clothes. The translucent picture will look fine on white or black and even colored things. Available in three sizes, the embroidery can be placed, for example, on the back of a denim jacket or shirt, on its front or even on a breast pocket. Such noticeable Machine embroidery design Chameleon is suitable for lively, open-minded people who love to stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Chameleons are amazing creatures and the real descendants of the dinosaurs! They are widely known for their ability to change the color of the body, but it is not the only quality distinguishing them from other animals.

There are over 160 species of these reptiles, and the greatest variety is there on the island of Madagascar. It turns out not all chameleons change like a rainbow; some just go from green to brown and back again. In fact, they use this talent not to disguise, as is commonly believed, but to communicate and demonstrate their emotional state. So, the exasperated reptile swells up and takes the brightest shade possible.

Curiously, the sleeping animal does not control its coloring and, as a rule, becomes gentle tones, which is typical for a good mood. By the way, chameleons’ sleep is extremely deep, and they fall asleep almost immediately with the onset of darkness. Loud noises don’t bother them, because they hardly hear anything.

Machine embroidery design Chameleon


Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, .vp3, .tab

Poor hearing is more than compensated by excellent eyesight. The reptile has a curious ability to look in different directions. Its eyes can rotate so that the viewing angle is full 360 degrees. In addition, these creatures see wonderful in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Dexterity of a chameleon is amazing, because it hunts with its tongue! Some species have twice as long tongue as the owner itself. At lightning speed the animal releases its weapon and grabs the victim. So the prey during reverse movement couldn’t hit him in the eyes.

Some African peoples dislike chameleons, and there is a legend explaining that. In ancient times one deity could not decide whether to grant people gods’ eternal life, or give a short one, like animals have. To determine, the deity sent to people two messengers so the one who would arrive first could decide the fate of mankind. Chameleon became the herald of immortality, the lizard was entrusted with the news of mortal life. Of course, the nimble lizard was faster, that is why sluggish chameleon is despised.

In our days, species of the kind often live in captivity, they are even kept as pets. It can be very exciting to observe this dignified, periodically changing color animal.

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