Machine Embroidery Design Cherry cupcake

A cute Machine Embroidery Design Cherry cupcake to decorate tablecloths, serving napkins and towels. Be careful, sweet tooth! CHERRY CUPCAKE on kitchen textile will be so similar to a real one that you will want to taste it.

Cakes represent sweet pastry from biscuit dough, often with filler of fruit, berries or nuts. In different countries traditions of cooking this dainty dish are not alike, and here are the most interesting of them.

The oldest cake was baked in the times of antiquity, in Ancient Rome. Only instead of wheat flour the Romans used barley, and apart from the raisins and nuts they added pomegranate.

Heady-delicious cupcakes are cooked in the Bahamas. As filler they use fruit, nuts and raisins, previously soaked in rum for 2 or 3 months. They impregnate the ready pastry with the same rum, so after a couple of pieces don’t risk getting behind the wheel:)

In Russia and other East Slavic countries the closest relative of a cake is a kind of Easter bread called kulich. The bigger it is, the better, because it is baked in honor of the Resurrection of Christ. Kulich is adorned with white icing with colored sugar sprinkles and served on a festive table.

In England a cupcake is an everyday meal for breakfast or tea. Christmas cakes are more decorated, covered with icing, or marzipan.

In some countries, for instance, in Mexico, traditional biscuits are made from corn flour. There is also a version of chocolate cake, which is named “Mexican”. In fact, it refers to American cuisine, but got its name due to the impregnation with the addition of chili pepper, which gives spiciness characteristic of Mexican food.

Machine Embroidery Design Cherry cupcake


Size : 56.4 × 96.6 mm (2.22 × 3.80 «), Stitches : 10320
Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx, jef

Americans love cakes and bake them in a variety of recipes. However, the most popular is a “pound cake”, which is made with a pound of each of four ingredients: flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Less weighty ones can also be called “pound”, but it is important to keep the ratio of all ingredients in the same balance.

Recipes for cakes and cupcakes are countless, and if you intend to please your family with something delicious, do not forget to embellish the dining table properly. Machine embroidery design CHERRY CUPCAKE is perfectly suitable for this purpose. Besides beauty, it has a very good quality: it will not add a single inch to your waist.

Royal Present Embroidery designs are of high quality and presented in several formats. They are also convenient because you do not have to use the color intended by the author. Experiment and get new ideas for embroidery! As an example, in CHERRY CUPCAKE design you can change the palette to red-green to get a lovely Christmas pattern.

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