Machine embroidery design Pumpkin

Machine embroidery design Pumpkin

In this Machine embroidery design, a big red and orange Pumpkin, golden wheat stems, green leaves and a scarlet maple leaf make a flawless autumn palette. Thus, the design is a perfect choice if the project concerns the upcoming autumn festivities. Thanksgiving Day in America or Harvest Festivals in Europe — in both cases the design will find its grateful admirers and adherents.

Pumpkin has any right to symbolize the harvest time. Pumpkins are ripe late in the autumn and are successfully kept throughout the winter. This makes them a wonderful supply of vitamins and elements. Pumpkin is very rich in nutrients, one of the reaches among fruit. All parts of pumpkins are eatable. Pumpkin leaves are added to various salads. In some countries, they cook chopped meat rolled up in young pumpkin leaves. The seeds are used to make oil. In India, China and some European countries there’s a habit to eat dried or roasted seeds. The ripe pumpkin flesh had inspired generations of cooks to create the uncountable gastronomic masterpieces. Though Encyclopedia Britannica identifies pumpkins as a fruit, in most cultures it is served as a vegetable. Pumpkins grow almost everywhere throughout the world.

Machine embroidery design Pumpkin


Size: 99.6×99.6 mm (3.92×3.92 “), Stitches: 11943
Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, vp3, .sew, xxx

A big pumpkin and ripe wheat stems make a flawless picture to symbolize a fruitful result of hard work during the year. Looking at it brings the thoughts that you did well during the year and deserve the upcoming holiday season. The scarlet maple leaf reminds that winter is coming and bringing a peaceful rest to nature. Three wheat stems also tell us of soon new year holidays. As there’s a well-known tradition in Northern Europe to leave spikelets for birds to feast. Thus, looking at this machine embroidery design is not only making you grateful for what you have but also expecting the holidays to come.

This design will make a perfect decoration for the kitchen stuff, including aprons and cooking gloves. The table set of napkins and cloth will look festive and bright with it. Pleasant juicy colors and symbolism of the picture make it one of the best machine embroidery designs on the theme to buy. All you need is to choose a project and enjoy the warmness and brightness of the design.

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