Koi machine embroidery design

Carp, or as it is called in Japanese, Koi, is one of the most widespread and revered symbols in the Eastern world. It is a favorable sign, promising good luck in all things. KOI MACHINE EMBROIDERY DESIGN in the form of intricate translucent lace will look great on home textiles. It will not only be a wonderful adornment, but also your safeguarding mascot, protecting from evil forces and attracting happiness and prosperity to the house.

Koi fish has an ancient history. More than two thousand years ago carps made their way to China, where people began to breed them for food. There is no reliable information about when they appeared in Japan. But in this country the ordinary freshwater carp turned into a colorful decorative fish. Noticing a random change in their coloring, the Japanese decided to get a new breed that would become the pearl of the artificial ponds. So thus koi was deduced, coloration of which impresses with its diversity.

For the followers of Buddhism koi fish is the subject of special worship. In China there is a legend that once a carp went upstream of the Yellow river. In the high jump managed to overcome the waterfall. Thus passing through the Dragon’s Gate, the reckless but persistent fish transformed into a majestic dragon. This story is reflected in the mythology of Japan as well.

Koi machine embroidery design


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Koi became the mascot of passionate ambitious people. As the personification of victory over circumstances, carp koi helps to strengthen the spirit and to cope with all the difficulties on the way to the cherished dream.

In this regard, Koi machine embroidery design is perfectly suited for the decoration of linens. Made in matching color with the basic fabric, the pattern will not be evident, remaining a delicate embellishment. If, on the contrary, you want to make the lace embroidery more visible, use contrasting colors, as the picture shows.

For your convenience, exquisite tracery Koi machine embroidery design is available in three different sizes. In particular, the smallest version is ideal for the edge of a pillowcase and the larger one can be transferred to a sheet or a duvet cover.

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