Free Machine Embroidery Design Marine Fish

Free Machine Embroidery Design Marine Fish

Nautical theme in interior is one of the most popular decorative styles. When done correctly, it has perfect combination of comfort, elegance and “whimsy”. As the sea is abundant with marvelous treasures, so does the nautical style with its variations. But one has to be careful when telling gorgeous “pearls” from the mere “sea weed”. This especially concerns the nautical color pallet. When it tends to be too water-washed, don’t go to the other side of the spectrum, infusing it with motley extras.

In order for your ocean-inspired décor not to feel too desolate or blurred, borrow complimenting colors from natural marine terrain. Tropical fish, coral riffs and interesting shipwreck artifacts are the best choice in this case. Royal Present Embroidery created a great variety of designs, which could translate this designer advice into gorgeous textiles for your home. One of such is free machine embroidery design marine fish.

This nautical ray of sun brings summer of tropical paradise right on the shores of your little home. Moorish idol’s the name and it makes absolutely stunning addition to any aquatic décor. Your quite coastal living room needs to be cheered up? Vivid colors of yellow marine fish embroidery design will add the needed edge to its nautical serenity. Let it swim on decorative pillows to enjoy an instant voyage to southern seas.

Free Machine Embroidery Design Marine Fish


Size: 121.4×122.0 mm (4.78×4.80 “), Stitches: 20755
Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, .vp3

When blue-and-white bedroom décor starts to feel too cold, add a bit of saltwater zest to spice it up. Free machine embroidery design marine fish is one spruce way to make it happen. Such an unexpected but endearingly upbeat decorative accent will enrich the feel of the bedroom. Create the exciting note, embroidering elements of your bedding set with marine fish design. Several tiger-striped Moorish idols, bedecking duvet and throws, will help you dream spectacular under-the-water dreams!
Your kids spend hours finding Nemo and looking for Dory? Help them have more fun exploring the marvelous sea elements. A happy yellow-colored fish will be their best little “merry-time” friend. Few floor pillows, curtains or other decorative textiles, embroidered with marine fish designs, will make their room feel like the underwater world!

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