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Machine Embroidery Design Vintage cornflowers – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage cornflowers

Vintage patterns for embroidery machines look extremely beautiful. Their charm lies in special refinement, typical of aged things, and in pleasant soft colors. VINTAGE CORNFLOWERS is one of such elegant patterns. It looks wonderful on the sketch and will not disappoint you on textiles. On fabric, this machine embroidery design will become a delightful decoration, able to take your breath away.

It would seem that the cornflower is a simple flower, quite common in the wild – on meadows and fields. It doesn’t have noble appearance and is not considered rare. Nevertheless, cornflowers won the love of millions of people who were unable to resist the delicate charm of sky-blue petals. Bright blue florets stand out against green grass and look like small stars, which have miraculously fell from the sky.

It doesn’t matter that machine embroidery design VINTAGE CORNFLOWERS is one-colored. In the garland of floral ornament you can still find these lovely flowers for their unusual jagged petals.

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage cornflowers

Hoop size: 130×180 mm ( ≈7×11.75 inches) & 200×300 mm (≈7.9×11.8 inches)

Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3, xxx

Floral machine embroidery designs, digitized from vintage postcards or book illustrations, differ from modern ones. They seem more romantic and gentle. Similar patterns could decorate the things of ladies from past centuries, that’s why they are so attractive.

VINTAGE CORNFLOWERS design has a crescent shape that makes it ideal for clothes. It can complement the v-line of women’s blouse or dress, so you don’t need any other neck jewelry.

Use VINTAGE CORNFLOWERS for home textiles too. It might be sets for table layout, bed linen, bath towels or personal things, for example, handkerchiefs. What is more, with this motif you can create a luxury frame. Just repeat it mirrored on the product of a round, oval or even rectangular shape. Inside you may place a monogram or a companion from the collection of DECORATIVE ELEMENTS.

VINTAGE CORNFLOWERS can be embroidered to match the product or, alternatively, to make a contrast. Either variant is great because such patterns for embroidery machines are perfect in any environment. High quality will emphasize the beauty of the finished machine embroidery. This result is easy to achieve thanks to the skills of Royal Present Embroidery designers.

Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 15.05.2016

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