What could be better than a gentle and unforgettable smell of lavender? Since ancient times, people appreciate this simple but at the same time magnificent flower for its aroma, originality of color, and even medicinal properties.

Lavender is a symbol of sleep, protection, integrity, longevity, and love. It is widely used in various spheres of our life. Also, all of you know that lavender is considered the eternal symbol of Provence. The French adore the lavender aroma and the flower itself. That is why there are the world’s most extensive lavender plantations.

They also widely use these flowers to decorate the house. That is why you can find these lavender motifs in interior decoration.
Today the style of Provence has already become famous all over the world and is appreciated for its pure originality, calm colors, and uncomplicated ornaments and patterns. Also, of course, one of the main attributes of this style is the image of a lavender flower.

This is what led us to create this great, delicate Machine Embroidery Designs Fragrant lavender collection.

You can choose to buy one pattern from lavender embroidery design collection and decorate a house, garden, summer patio, and even clothes. We want to offer you some original ideas of its using. They will undoubtedly give your home coziness and incredibly delicate palette of colors to your clothes

Machine Embroidery Designs Fragrant lavender

Hoop size: 130×180 mm ( 5 x 7 “)
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3, art

So, there are a few ideas.

Idea 1. To add to the interior of more refinement, you can decorate it with embroidered candles. We will now tell you how to do it.

To implement this idea, you will need:

  • Organza fabric
  • Water-soluble stabilizer (for example, Madeira Avalon Ultra or Sulky Super Solvy)
  • One of Machine Embroidery Designs Fragrant lavender

When choosing a design, an important task will be choosing the size. Remember that embroidery should fit on a candle. If there is no suitable size put to a basket the REISIZING OF THE DESIGN service.

To decorate a candle with this design, you must first embroider it on the organza. Then we will tell you how to transfer it to wax. At the beginning, hoop the organza with the water-soluble stabilizer so that the stabilizer is on top. This will help to simplify the process of embroidering, since the fabric is very thin and has a mesh structure. Then embroider the design. After that, remove the stabilizer and cut off excess fabric, retreating about 1 cm from the embroidery. Water the embroidery to remove the remnants of the water-soluble stabilizer. The final stage is the placement of embroidery on candles. If the fabric is already dry, take a glue spray (for permanent, not temporary fixation) and spray it onto the fabric. Attach the embroidery to the candle and put the rubber band above. Allow the glue to dry and remove the rubber band.

Embroidery on a white decorative candle is ready.

Idea 2. You can embroider one of these designs on the sweatshirt. Such embroidery can give a simple monotonous sweatshirt tenderness and spring mood.

To do this you will need:

  • Sweatshirt
  • Medium-weight cut-off stabilizer
  • Air-erase pen
  • A glue of a temporary fixation (for example, Gunold KK100)

Since sweatshirts are now made of cotton or cotton-polyester, you should wash it before embroidery. It is because the fabric can shrink after the first washing.

Think about where you want to place the design. We recommend embroidering this design from above, retreating 3-4 cm from the neck. Print a template that is submitted along with the design itself. It has marked the X and Y axis lines, as well as the center of the embroidery. Mark these points on the sweatshirt with an air-erase pen. Turn the product to the wrong side. Spray the glue of a temporary fixation onto the medium-weight cut-away stabilizer. Glue the stabilizer to the fabric. Turn out the sweatshirt on the front side. Tap the fabric so that the points you have marked where at the same place with marks on embroidery frame. Place the hoops in the embroidery machine and fold the edges of the sweater so that they do not fall under the needle. Embroider the design using a pointed needle 75/11. After embroidery, turn out the sweatshirt on the wrong side and cut off the extra stabilizer, retreating from the embroidery approximately one centimeter.

The original sweatshirt is ready for wearing.

Idea 3. Moreover, a successful idea is the embroidery of lavender design on silk pillows.

In the embroidery world, silk is not the simple fabric for embroidery, as it is very delicate, slender and slippery. However, silk is different. We recommend the using of Dupont silk. Its main advantages include density and soft luster. Therefore, it is perfect for these designs.

So, to perform this embroidery you need:

  • DuPont fabric
  • Medium-weight cut-away stabilizer
  • The glue of a temporary fixation
  • Lavender embroidery design

Using a glue of a temporary fixation, glue the stabilizer to the fabric. Remember that you should spray it on the stabilizer and away from the embroidery machine. It is because the glue particles may settle on the details. Hoop the fabric with the stabilizer and embroider the design. Trim the stabilizer residues.

Tip: There are often cases where silk is sagging or bending out of the ordinary square hoop. Often the fabric sags in the center of each side of the hoops. Naturally, if you do not eliminate this problem, embroidery will turn out to be unsuccessful and a curve. We advise you to use in such cases quilters “no slipping” hoop tape (for example, the Edmund one). It consists of two layers, the first – sticky, and the second – rubber. All you need is to glue the tape with a sticky side to the hoop rim. The rubber side, in turn, will lead to a tight clamping of the fabric in the embroidery frame. The tape will not leave a trace even on such a delicate fabrics. It is simply removed and suitable for both wooden and plastic hoops.

Idea 4. Despite the fact that it is more simple and familiar, you can use it. Therefore, we suggest embroidering the design with a wreath of lavender on a terry towel.

The main feature of such embroidery is when the embroidery process is incorrectly adjusted; the stitches are simply lost in the terry nap. However, we will tell you how to avoid it.

Since terry is a fleecy fabric, you need to use a sandwich. It is characterized by the using of two types of stabilizer – the upper and lower.

In the beginning, spray the glue of a temporary fixation onto the medium-weight cut-away stabilizer. Then glue it to the fabric. The using of this type of stabilizer will help the embroidery to last longer and not lose its attractive appearance after washing. The upper water-soluble stabilizer will help prevent the formation of an additional space between the embroidery and the fabric.

Put a “sandwich” in the embroidery frame, checking if you tightly clamped the screw. Embroider the design. Cut off the excess lower stabilizer and remove the top film. In order to remove small residues of water-soluble stabilizer, wash the towel.

As you managed to notice the Machine Embroidery Designs Fragrant lavender are original and, most importantly, multifunctional. They are suitable for the embodiment of simple and more original ideas.

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Machine Embroidery Design Fragrant lavender

Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 17.01.2016