Machine Embroidery Design Baroque style

Machine embroidery design Baroque Style will help to give luxury to the simplest and most ordinary things. Noble golden color will add even some aristocratism to your interior.

Design is a combination of two ornaments. This makes it possible to create an original and unique decor. Such a set of gold monograms will be a bright addition to the interior. Imagine how exquisite and rich the gold decor will look in your living room. Starting from luxurious pillows, and ending with wonderful textile curtains.

Scientists have proved that golden color positively influences the emotional state of a person. In addition, it causes the desire for positive changes in human life.

Use these luxurious ornaments to decorate your clothes and household accessories. For example, decorate with such a wonderful gold ornament terry bathrobe. To implement this idea in life, let us recall the main features of embroidery on terry cloth.

Terry cloth is a fleecy fabric from India. It can be of different types. All of them differ in the types of nap, its height and density. Most often, a terry cloth consists of 100% linen, cotton or bamboo. Widely the field of application of this fabric makes it a popular basis for machine embroidery.

Machine Embroidery Design Baroque style


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Embroidery on such a fabric is durable, resistant to washing and mechanical damage. Machine embroidery on terry cloth is popular not only among lovers of home embroidery. It is also common in industrial production, which are engaged in custom embroidery.

Machine embroidery design Baroque Style will work in both cases. When embroidering it on terry cloth, choose the embroidery technology correctly.

For standard terry cloth, you can use usual embroidery needle. For fabrics with loose structure, the needle with a rounded tip is best. If you decide to embroider with a metallic thread, use a special needle for the metallic.

As a stabilizer you will need both types (upper and lower). For the lining is perfect tear-away or cut-away, for the topping water-soluble is the best.

To achieve the ideal wrong side, you can use the bottom thread in tone with the top. Do not forget only that in this case the embroidery will be denser. So, on a heavily dense terry cloth, it will be cumbersome. This will be an additional burden for your embroidery machine. As a consequence, there may be problems with the breakage of the thread and even the breaking of the needle.

By the way embroider Machine embroidery design Baroque Style can also be in silver color. Succesful embroidery!

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