Machine Embroidery Designs Vintage rose flower engraving calligraphic Victorian style

Fans of the hidden messages will like a novelty of our collection. The machine embroidery designs Vintage Rose Flower Engraving Calligraphic Victorian Style is filled with secret meanings. Traditions of the Victorian style in art established in England in the middle of the 19th century. Some of the arts became a source of double messages. At that time the absolute morals governed in the society. Boys since young years were brought up in belief that girls are ephemeral creations. The human nature remained under the strict ban.

Women were treated gently like ice fragile roses. Owing to such beliefs a rose often represented a female person and expressed the attitude towards her. But under the image of a rose Victorians hid also a traditional symbol of love. At the same time depth of feelings was transferred by color of a bud. The white colour pointed out innocent romantic inclination. Ardent young men accompanied with the image of a pink rose their romantic messages to ladies of their hearts. Crimson bud was a symbol of passionate love and desire. By Burgundy colour they express unconscious adoration, a worship.

Machine Embroidery Designs Vintage rose

Size: 128.0×157.0 mm (5.04×6.18 “), Stitches: 35391
Size: 163.0×200.0 mm (6.42×7.87 “), Stitches: 51465
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, art, vp3

The rose itself was thin and florid. It isn’t surprising that an era has revived such type of painting as an engraving. It is capable to transfer by its thin lines internal grace of women, and her feelings. At the same time secret language of flowers has been strictly defined. Both youth and adults and even aged men used it. Flower messages were exchanged by different ways. Men could present to the beloved a rose branch at a meeting. Ladies, as a rule, embroidered a flower on a handkerchief and gave it to the beloved. Girls decorated their rooms and clothes with embroidered patterns. They could tell a lot about the girl’s feelings.

The Victorian engravings were black-and-white. But our computer designs for machine embroidery took Victorian engraving style and filled it with bright colours. This approach has strengthened the opportunity to transfer feelings through an embroidery. The pattern got paints and the chance to show the art taste to all modern fans of an embroidery. Moreover, in the modern world lovers can create secret messages through the embroidered pictures. Besides, one should keep in mind that colour of buds tell about the feelings.

In textile business the machine embroidery designs Vintage Rose Flower Engraving Calligraphic Victorian Style is used traditionally. It can decorate sets of home textiles. Gentle roses of two sizes will help to create a refined set for special cases.

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