Machine Embroidery Design Floral Cross and bow

Ornamental machine embroidery designs always look extraordinarily beautiful. One of them is a delightful Machine Embroidery Design Floral Cross and bow, even though it has just one color. In addition to beauty it’s very convenient as it goes well with any style of clothing and interior. This pattern for embroidery machines is versatile; it is suitable for special occasions and every day. Moreover, the design is available in two sizes.

Probably, we will never know who tied the first bow. Perhaps then it was used only for its intended purpose: to interconnect strands, ropes, ribbons or laces. Bows became a wanted accessory in the 17th century, when they began to embellish clothes. A women’s dress of those years could have plenty of them – the more the better. Ladies wore them on gloves, hats and on shoes too. Bows served as a decorative element in jewelry: they complemented necklaces, bracelets, hair pins.

Machine Embroidery Design Floral Cross and bow – 2 sizes


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Today lush bows or their images are purely female adornment, or act as interior decoration. However, in the epoch of their great popularity, even men added them to costumes. Aristocrats of the 17th century tied their short pants (culottes), making a bow under the knee. They wore bows on the neck as a ruff or neckerchief and also attached them to shoes and boots. Yes, once respectable men of noble families looked very sophisticated.

Fashion trends of the 18th century were stricter, but they still demanded that the men tied hair with a ribbon. However, then bows began to disappear from the male wardrobe and remained only in ladies outfits. Gradually, ribbons ceased to be an obligatory detail of female costume. Actually throughout the years the fashion for them returned a few times. So, in the 19th century blouses with a bow were highly popular, and they came back in the 20th. Today, this accessory continues to inspire designers and is unlikely to ever lose its relevance.

Machine Embroidery Design Floral Cross and bow can be precisely the pattern, which will make your textile special. It will give any product an original look. Also don’t forget that bows are among the loveliest Christmas decorations. Choosing bright decor for Christmas and New Year? Then Floral Cross & bow in traditional red, gold or green color will be one of the best solutions.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 08.05.2015