Machine Embroidery Design Indian Lace border

All divine gardens, described in Ramayana, held a cherished treasure of various most exquisite flowers of the world. Some of the colorful ethereal beauties were planted there by devoted worshipers, to express their reverence and adoration of the superior creatures. Other florets were offered by the gods themselves, to achieve eternal blessing.
Machine Embroidery Design Indian Lace border comprises marvelous floral gems of such heavenly gardens into an elegant open-work of exquisite design. Exotic vibe of the motive is distinctly felt not only through the enchanting meandering dance of ornaments. But also in composition of efflorescent elements. Refined beauty, emanated by the mentioned flowers, permeates the ornament in both its aesthetics and inner meaning. The border reveals elaborate connection of elements to the full only in its infinite stretch.

Machine Embroidery Design Indian Lace border

Size: 174.0×120.6 mm (6.85×4.75 “), Stitches: 19614
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat

Twin water lilies, born from a ten-lobed flower, reflect each other in a unique symmetry of heaven and earth elements. The exquisite ornated pilasters, constructed be lilies dittos, support a beautiful richly garnished frame, consisting of two mirror echoes of paisley elements. These floriated divine tears caress each other, forming a fine heart-shaped embrace, which holds a singular blooming prisoner in its center. Multifoliate toothed outlines of the droplet ornaments give a peculiar edge to the generally rounded pattern.

Such a unique ornamented Machine Embroidery Design Indian Lace border will enhance any textile piece. Table-covers and table runners, embellished with this beautiful exotic design, will create an aura of elated celebration. Baptism accessories, embroidered with this pattern, will crown the general polish of the ceremony with royal refinement. Bed settings, festoon with these gorgeous enticing motives, would become exquisite gift ideas for weddings, anniversaries and other grand celebrations. Elegant touch of such dainty embroidery could adorn bridal accessories like veils, sashes and gown trails, highlighting airy feel of white wedding dresses.

Single color use is a sophisticated accentuation of the elaborate Machine Embroidery Design Indian Lace border. Golden interpretation of the design would add an opulent flair to contrasting light or intense-colored solid backgrounds.

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