Machine Embroidery Design Coffee set
What is coffee? Judging by Instagram and other photo-related media, coffee nowadays is so much more than just a delicious drink. All those #coffeelove, #liquidhug turned this molten dark gold into a solid symbol of one’s status or style if you will. Apparently, what kind of coffee you order, “like”, “tag” or “share” on your wall can say a lot. And sometimes it’s this one perfect cup that can make it or break it for you. Yes, sometimes it’s true, but not here and not now. Here, on Royal Present Embroidery, we give you not one, but four supreme cups of coffee all wrapped up in one impeccable Machine Embroidery Design Coffee set.

Four cups of coffee on four embroidery designs is a new way to infuse your day with flavor and aroma of perfectly roasted coffee beans. You know that coffee has the gift of making everything better, right? Well, same goes for these designs too! They’re classy and sharp, just like the dark elixir itself – pure magic for your inner barista.

Use Machine Embroidery Design Coffee Set to add flavorful punch to the tone of your kitchen. Bold, simple and pure these coffee designs definitely make a hit. Decorative napkins, embroidered with Coffee set motives, will enrich those rushed gulps of liquid energy in the mornings. Press the button on your coffee machine and prepare the set for the cup. An embroidered napkin is all you need to enjoy a fine experience of drinking coffee deluxe style. This little thing can jump-start your entire day, way better than any breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Machine Embroidery Design Coffee set


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To make the taste of such wonderful mornings last longer, take their whimsy with you to the work. A tote, embroidered with Coffee set motives, will make charming accessory for your weekly trips to the office. Grocery routine after the work will be a jazzier experience with such a stylish tote on your shoulder. Having a yoga class afterwards? A tote with coffee embroidery on can be of use here too. So take time to smell the coffee and embroider it on that tote of yours!

Machine Embroidery Design Coffee Set is love from first cup. Multiplied by four, power of those coffee cups can make magic happen. You can have them all to yourself, or you can share them with your friends. They will never go cold, stale or out of fashion. A few plain kitchen towels, an apron or entire napery set can be turned into wonderful gifts when embroidered with Coffee motives. So, next time when new neighbors will throw a housewarming party you’ll know how to make them feel welcome. Coffee starts mornings after all, why not use its wonderful powers for a new friendship too?

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 22.11.2014