Machine Embroidery Design Czech geese

Machine Embroidery Design Czech geese is really famous because of its image. If you have never heard of the Czech geese, then this urgently needs to be corrected. This element is considered one of the most important symbols of the Czech Republic. It admires the combination of simplicity and beauty. It is well known that the drawing with these charming birds was created in the XVIII century. Images of geese are found on antique porcelain, dated this period. Since that time, these birds have become considered an attribute of high-quality and elite porcelain.

Blue ribbon bows on the necks of geese – a distinctive sign of the Czech symbol, depicted on saucers and mugs, dishes and forms for baking. This image was created by one of the simple street artists. Passed by the master of one of the faience factories became interested in the drawing. They decided to try to transfer it to their samples, which later became one of the most popular in the world. Despite the modest origin of the decor, it can be found on antiques made in private collections.

Machine Embroidery Design Czech geese


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Along with the drawing, at the same time porcelain “geese” had its own characteristic form, stylistically attached to the “Provence”. It would seem that the special can be in the dishes made in this style? Simple design, white background and clearly traced birds, this combination will not at all forgive, but only gives elegance and respectability to these services.

What is important, in our time, Czech geese decorate not only dishes, but also many other household items. This is understandable, because you want to transfer an interesting and attractive look to other things. Strictly speaking, that’s why the Machine Embroidery Design Czech geese was created, which will help to translate this idea into reality.

Such an enchanting image, it will be simply amazing to look on tablecloths. It is worth noting that many people pay mad money to get this item, decorated with Czech geese. Fortunately, you can create a great attribute for a meal without much expense, which will bring elegance, warmth and refinement to your atmosphere. Machine Embroidery Design Czech geese can also be placed on napkins to complement the decor for any feast. Thus, you become a mistress of a unique and simply incredibly cute kit.

Of course, you can go further and add these charming Czech geese to other things in your home, because it all depends on your desire. You will easily convert kitchen or bath towels using this design with a well-known symbol. Or let it serve you for the improvement of curtains or even pillows. This decor is undoubtedly very well and harmoniously fit into your interior, regardless of location.

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Date: 12.11.2014