Free Machine Embroidery Design Peonies

The meaning of a flower

Peony was important both in terms of history and mythology. For example: in antique Greece the peony was a symbol of longevity, in China it’s a symbol of nobleness and welfare, in Japan — it represents fertility, wealth and joy.
But at the same time peonies can also mean shyness. Thus, a Free Machine Embroidery Design Peonies can bring success and welfare to its owner.

Two widespread legends explain some meanings of this flower. The first story ties up a peony with Paean (the ancient doctor of Greek gods), who was a disciple of Aesculapius. When Paean healed Pluto, Aesculapius got envious of his talent and attempted to kill him. Pluto showed sympathy for Paean and turned him into a flower to save his life.

This explains its meaning of compassion.
In accordance with a second myth, the peony is related to Paeonia. Her beauty and charm attracted sight of Apollo and he started flirting with the nymph. When Paeonia saw that Aphrodite was looking at them, she got blushed of shyness. Irate Aphrodite turned her into a red peony. Since then, the peony represents shyness.

Free Machine Embroidery Design Peonies


Size: 192.9×184.3 mm (7.59×7.26 “), Stitches: 37151
Formats :pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, .jef, xxx

Peony is highly valued in China and is frequently referred as the “King of flowers”. Peony was a national symbol until 1929, when it was replaced by a plum tree. You can find peonies in the Palace Museum where they grow and bloom since 6th century. In Celestial Empire the peony is presented to friends as a sign of good wishes. In Chinese tales, if the hero reaches the top of affluence and power, he certainlymust plant peonies in his garden. That’s why the definition of the peony also includes nobleness, honor and wealth.

There are also some superstitions around peonies. It is believed that the peony bush with a lot of flowers brings good luck, but dried bush without leaves and inflorescence can be a sign of upcoming trouble. A Free Machine Embroidery Design Peonies can help to avoid this danger as it will never wither.

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