Machine Embroidery Design Stork delivering a newborn baby boy

Storks are found in the culture of many peoples. For example, in the case of Jews, this bird means mercy and compassion, a special love for children. In Christianity, the stork is associated with purity, chastity, piety and vigilance. In Slavs this feathered was a bird-totem, a symbol of the motherland, family well-being, home comfort, love for the family and home.
Summing up all these traditions it is possible to say with confidence that the stork is indeed a bright and positive symbol. This bird is also associated with a new life and the coming of spring, luck and affection.

In Northern Europe there is a belief that new-born children are brought to their mother by a stork. This belief comes from the ancient idea that newborn souls live in a place where there are many swamps, ponds, bogs. Such a legend is still relevant today, and parents often tell it to their children.

Also this story, when a stork carries a child, is often depicted in institutions where children come. For example, such drawings can be seen in children’s hospitals, gardens and schools. And it should be noted that such a decision in the decor is very successful. If you want to see it personally, then you have such an opportunity.

Machine Embroidery Design Stork delivering a newborn baby boy


Size: 128.4×110.4 mm (5.06×4.35 “), Stitches: 13414
Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, art

Machine Embroidery Design Stork delivering a newborn baby boy helps a loving mother create something unique and very interesting for her child. This is a simple method that will serve to transform any objects of everyday life. You can add such embroidery to baby bedding so that the stork with the cute baby protects your baby’s sleep. Place this funny design on a towel or napkin, thus highlighting the gizmos of your daughter or son.

Another way to use this design is to add it to your clothes. Machine Embroidery Design Stork delivering a newborn baby boy will become a wonderful decoration for any children’s room. It will be charming to look in the clothes with this stork and your very little baby, and older children.

Refer to this pattern from our embroidery designs for sale to surround your little miracle with even greater care and love. Embroidery with a stork will bring not only an aesthetic filling, but also can become a certain talisman that will draw to you well-being, warmth and family comfort.

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Date: 26.03.2014