Machine Embroidery Design Cute bee holding a heart

Machine Embroidery Design Cute bee

Bright machine embroidery design CUTE BEE HOLDING A HEART looks absolutely adorable! This lovely creature cannot but cause a smile, besides, it carries a big heart – a sign of love. Such patterns for embroidery machines are perfect to decorate gifts for the dearest people. Cute bee embroidery design will show your deep feelings and surely bring happiness.

On textiles CUTE BEE HOLDING A HEART will look as fine as in the picture. With such a kind face and big green eyes it reminds a cartoon character. Real bees don’t have this pleasant appearance, but do have some features that are worth mentioning. So, they can move with great speed to 40 mph and this with a load of nectar and pollen. Thin transparent wings do their job with a bang, easily lifting into the air their heavy mistress.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute bee holding a heart

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Size: 88.7×98.0 mm (3.49×3.86 “), Stitches: 14089
Size: 128.0×141.5 mm (5.04×5.57 “), Stitches: 24248
Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, .vp3, .xxx

Did you know that in life bees have not two, but five eyes? Unfortunately, they aren’t as pretty as those of our CUTE BEE, but they see perfectly well and distinguish colors. Moreover, bees choose flowers to collect nectar by the color of the petals. They especially favor white, yellow, and blue ones. Each bee flies several thousand blossoms per day, giving preference to the most attractive and fragrant.

These insects are known for their diligence. To get just a spoonful of honey, 200 bees need to work the whole day. However, an ordinary bee colony has approximately 50 thousand bees, so they can produce a few kilos of honey. Of course, they don’t collect honey, but sugary flower nectar, and bring it back to the hive. It becomes the sweet and healthy treat after all excess moisture has evaporated. In the end, only a half will turn into honey.

The main task of our CUTE BEE is to delight the eye and lift the spirits. This charming pattern for embroidery machines will look wonderful on baby stuff, and kids will definitely love it. Also, you can use it as an original decoration for Valentine’s Day. Textile valentine, adorned with such unusual and nice embroidery, won’t leave anyone indifferent.