Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown

Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown proves that even a miniature pattern can be expressive and is able to attract attention. Use this machine embroidery design to beautify clothing, accessories and home textiles, such as decorative napkins or serviettes. Any product will look luxurious with this picture, especially if you keep the designer’s idea and embroider the motif in goldish color.

Traditionally, crowns of the ruling persons were made of pure gold, and there are several reasons for that. First, the precious metal is very beautiful and can turn even the simplest thing into an exquisite decoration. Secondly, gold has always been expensive, and emphasized the high status of its owner. It was particularly important during the reception of foreign guests, as it symbolized the prosperity of the state. Finally, softly shimmering crown embodied the sunlight, which in turn was associated with spiritual authority of a man, his charisma.

Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown


Size: 79.4×69.2 mm (3.13×2.72 “), Stitches: 5566
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, XXx

In our days, imperial crowns, with rare exceptions, no longer adorn the heads of real people. Authorities often keep such treasures in museums and put on display only under heavy security. So, today the crown is more a symbol of power than its tangible attribute. It represents greatness, dignity and superiority, as well as premium quality if used in a logo of a company.

In addition, the decor in the form of a crown has become one of the fashion trends. You might have seen suchlike embroidery on blazers and jackets, both for women and men. Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown would be ideal for these garments. Place it on a pocket, wide fold-over collar or right on the chest. If you perform the embroidery in the same color with the clothes, it will be suitable for official meetings. Still, the contrast image looks the most impressive.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 27.02.2014