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Machine Embroidery Design Happy Valentines Day – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Valentine`s Day invites you to celebrate love in the most charming way possible: on a cloud of hearts in the company of one of the cutest cats ever! A romantic and pure aura of this design just warms your heart, erasing all the superficial trimmings of a merely commercial holiday with expected gifts of chocolates and flowers.

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Machine Embroidery Design Two Cute Owls with heart

Machine Embroidery Design Two Cute Owls with heart is a neat presentation of the “owl” time favorite lovey-dovey theme, transformed by the trendsetting little bird into a more stylish and less run-of-the-mill one.  Adorable quirkiness of these feathered sweeties is highlighted and ever-so-smoothely spiked up by all the swanky attributes of the “in” folks of today.

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