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TAG: Machine embroidery designs for towels

Cayenne Pepper Machine Embroidery Designs

We are glad to present you our new collection of thematic designs. Cayenne Pepper Machine Embroidery Designs are one-of-a-kind bright and pungent elements of one thematic style. In this category you can...

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Fashion Girls Machine Embroidery Designs

For the youngest lovers of machine embroidery from Royal Present, we decided to expand our machine embroidery designs for kids. We present you the first designs from the new series. Fashion Girls Machin...

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Scalloped Grape Border Embroidery Design

Often, when we do something with our own hands, for example, an embroidered tablecloth, a table napkin or a towel, we think about how to design the edge of the product beautifully. With this purpose, we...

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Cupcake Embroidery Designs

Embroidery in our lives is becoming more and more popular. We use it in different spheres and manifestations, trying to decorate our house and clothes, create a unique and original style. Practically fo...

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Machine Embroidery Design Blue graphics

When burning air of midday, bored with hypnotic siesta of stately windmills, gets into a mischievous frenzy with their triangular sails, Mykonos knows that summer has finally stepped on its white-washed...

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Machine Embroidery Design Lovely cupcake

Our collection of culinary masterpieces got another sweet design. Machine Embroidery Design Lovely cupcake will be just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you are going to cook dinner for two and spend the...

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Grapes embroidery design

GRAPES EMBROIDERY DESIGN is an elegant decoration for table textiles, suitable for festive serving and every day. Delicious dark berries and bright green leaves will not go unnoticed on white textiles a...

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Machine Embroidery Design Border Towel

Embroidery is now very popular and is widely used in various fields of human life. Such popularity is quite predictable. As it is able to decorate anything and give originality. Many women use embroider...

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