Happy Easter Egg Machine Embroidery Design

On the eve of one of the most important and bright holidays for Christians, many housewives are really very busy. After all, they need not only to tidy up the house, to perform all ceremonies and traditions, but also to decorate the interior with festive elements. Easter machine embroidery designs will be a key to […]

Blue Easter Duck Machine Embroidery Design

Preparing for the Easter, we try not only to cook favorite dishes, but also to decorate the house with Easter decor. Decoration of the interior for Easter is now very popular and fashionable. To embody this idea, embroidery is ideal. Often, women do not have time to sit for hours near the window and spend […]

Snowdrops and Mimosa Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Spring’s a pretty challenging time for any fashionista there is, what with keeping up with new trends, while updating their wardrobes. To alleviate the stress, Royal Present Embroidery offers new takes on the ultimate springtime trend – the florals. Join the blooming trend with our embroidery designs of violets, lilies of the valley, peonies and […]

Forget-me-nots Corner Machine Embroidery Design

This year Easter’s decided to be an early guest, which means that all the preparations should start earlier too. As Royal Present Embroidery is an ever-ready early bird, we’ve already upgraded our collection of Easter themed embroidery patterns with new gorgeous designs. Easter bunnies to make your smile, adorable ducklings and chicks to shower your […]

Mimosa Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Do you know that mimosa distinguishes between day and night? The flowers of this plant close with the onset of the night, and in the afternoon they are opened again. How do they do it? In the lower part of the mimosa flower there is a small motor organ. This small “motor” is formed by […]

Faberge Egg Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Cute Easter Baskets, easy and delicious Easter treats, beautiful Easter centerpieces… If typing those things into your search bar has become part of your daily routine, than Easter season’s almost here. As time flies quickly – what with decoration of eggs, houses and so on, pressure might have already started to tell. But fear not, […]

Spring Willow Egg Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Spring is the time when most interiors and exteriors are flourished with flowers. Since Easter is a springtime holiday, same “fragrant” canon applies with it too. Undoubtedly charming, especially after the long wintery pause, floral infusions, however, might feel a bit too so-to-say expected. If same thought was bothering your inner designer lately, know that […]

Willow monogram frame Machine Embroidery Design

Springtime is a wonderful time! Not only do we finally get to enjoy fresh flowers and vernal blooms, but also make their beautiful visage part of our home decorations. With Easter being the earliest festive occasions of the blooming season, it’s only proper to make first verdancy star in the holiday décor. Celebrate Easter with […]

Machine Embroidery Design Pussy-willow

Decorating home for spring is all about infusing sweet air of blooming meadows into ambience of the interiors. And for this cause, freshly-cut springtime flowers are the prim choice. But what if this year your vernal groove woke up just a little bit too early for real fresh flowers? Does it mean that you’ll have […]

Easter Machine Embroidery Design Chickens in Pink Egg – 2 sizes

This thematic Easter Machine Embroidery Design Chickens in Pink Egg will be pleasant to everybody. It will impress kids and bring spring mood to the adults. Bright colours of the design can’t but please. The little fluffy chickens, just starting their life out of the egg, symbolize a promising beginning of life. Their gentle-yellow plumage […]

Machine Embroidery Design Faberge Egg – 3 sizes

At the mention of Fabergé name the first thing that comes to mind is a precious egg of extraordinary beauty. Of course, it was not the one, each of them was an example of the highest craftsmanship of jewelry. The entire series consisted of 71 original products, which over a period of about 30 years […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter egg with forget-me-not – 2 sizes

So, Christmas holidays are long gone and snow has almost disappeared. Christmas trees are carefully packed away along with ornaments, garlands and other holiday decorations. For a DIY devotee this time is such a boring spell, right? Not always and not for everyone. Yes, winter holidays are over. But springtide will soon be upon us […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Dove

Do you like Easter embroidery? Lovely chickens, lilies, doves, baskets of flowers – they all represent a collection of embroidery designs for sale for Easter from Royal Present. Machine Embroidery Design Easter dove is no exception. It`s festivity, and at the same time tenderness conquers each of you. Create a whole series of Easter embroidered […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Gzhel Easter Egg

What special beauty has the color blue? All oceans, seas and the sky themselves rival for the best raiment of this royal hue. Even humblest of meadow flowers try to dip their petals in this gentle yet stately tone. Cultures all over the world adore and get inspired by this sublime majestic color. Decorating only […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Easter egg with lilac and snowdrops

The Easter egg is a mandatory attribute for Easter, which is not only ritual food, but a ritual symbol. The Easter egg is considered a symbol of Sunday and is often depicted in various compositions dedicated to Easter. It will not be superfluous to add to the Easter egg and twigs of lilac. This flower […]

Easter Machine Embroidery Design The Lord is risen

Easter Machine embroidery design the Lord is risen from our Easter themed designs will allow you to create original attributes for celebration. Bags for Easter cake, Easter towels or napkins, tablecloths or table runners will get notes of special festivity. Easter Machine Embroidery Design The Lord is risen Size: 120.8×179.2 mm (4.76×7.06 “), Stitches: 24272 […]