Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Christmas bells – 2 sizes

For each of us, the New Year`s celebration is a long-awaited family event, when the whole family gathers together. We believe that all our desires will come true this night. Furthermore, we sincerely hope that a miracle does exist. We also wait that next year will be calm, peaceful, successful, profitable and prosperous. We manage […]

Machine Embroidery Design Red Cardinal

Fresh chilly air with snowflakes melting in every exited breath… Snow crackling merrily under each light step… White fairytale, spruced up with red, cardinal and crimson flames of winter berries, sparkling like most precious gemstones of all… If winter seems to your boring and cold, a walk in the snow-clad forest will make you change […]

Christmas Tree Toy Machine Embroidery Design – 8 sizes

The Christmas Tree Toy machine embroidery design is carried out in one or two colours. Thus, a unique decoration of a house or an office can be performed by means of the only design. You don’t need to buy a set of Christmas tree decorations. Here there is an opportunity to fill the room with […]

Christmas ball Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

The Christmas ball Machine Embroidery Design is intended for refined and creative hostesses. Besides the embroidery, you can make an additional applique with a ribbon. As a result, the magnificent designer ornament will turn out on a chosen object. You can choose a ribbon of any colour and attach it to the embroidery, making the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree decoration

Once upon a time, during the most magical night of the year, a gorgeous Christmas tree became a venue where wonderful marvels of love and courage happened. A beautiful prince, enchanted into an awkward wooden doll, with the help of his fearless sweetheart, broke the spell. Verdurous furry laps, embellished with exquisite ornaments and garlands. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree toy – 3 sizes

There is always one special Christmas ornament, which represents the charming essence of glorious winter holidays, with all its bubbling festivity and warmth of family evenings. It could be a curio, passed from generation to generation. Or a trifle, given to you by Santa and his assiduous elves from the nearest mall, or else, it […]

Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Red bird, poinsettia flower

Royal Present Embroidery presents an excellent set of Christmas machine embroidery designs “Red bird, Poinsettia flower”. Poinsettia appears on the shelves of flower shops just in time for the Christmas holidays, because in December it comes into leaves of various colors, which many mistake for flowers. Bright red, pink, white veined leaves appear when most […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute penguin with hat and scarf eats an ice cream

Big changes have occurred amidst snowy valleys where penguins live. The Happy Feet movement got so popular, that the Heartsong acquired a cute enrichment of sweet little tap dancing. Baby penguins learn the moves from the moment they hatch. On Christmas Eve the whole colony gathers to watch School Theater, where little penguins sing carols […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Poinsettia Christmas Star

Machine Embroidery Designs Poinsettia Christmas Star is a little girl’s wish which came true.  Embroidery motives of such wonderful character will enhance the aura of any interior with its presents. Courtesy of designers, it is possible to choose from lovely variations of floral images, including glorious blooming heads, with emerald pointy leaves, and a delightful […]