Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas sock with Dog

Feeling that this Christmas a bit of novelty is what your house décor needs? Up the Christmas gift-giving tradition, going Father Christmas large. Instead of stockings, use sacks or huge mittens (why not) for presenting the gifts for the dear and near. Add a bit of embellishment to the seasonal bundles with the help of machine embroidery designs Christmas sock with Dog. Such fantastic take on traditional Christmas stocking will make everybody happy! Whether opting for stockings or sacks, don’t forget to stuff them to the brim with happiness, fun and a lot of good humor. The little Christmas pup, “dashing through the snow” will surely inspire you to such gifts! And you know what? Everybody will love it!

Set of 2 Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Elf together with Rudolph Reindeer

Set of two machine embroidery designs Christmas Elf together with Rudolf Reindeer will be pleasant to children. Such picture will become a fine New Year’s addition to a gift. It can be embroidered as a separate picture for a card. The plot will perfectly settle on New Year’s and casual winter clothes. Kids look forward Santa Claus’s arrival, therefore a sweater or a hat with his messengers will brighten up their expectations. Thus, we advise to make such ornament in advance.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute penguin with hat and scarf eats an ice cream

Big changes have occurred amidst snowy valleys where penguins live. The Happy Feet movement got so popular, that the Heartsong acquired a cute enrichment of sweet little tap dancing. Baby penguins learn the moves from the moment they hatch. On Christmas Eve the whole colony gathers to watch School Theater, where little penguins sing carols […]

Machine Embroidery Design Сute cat lying on a Christmas ball

Machine Embroidery Design Сute cat lying on a Christmas ball is all kind of hinting that it is time to prepare for the wonderful winter celebration. Perhaps, it is hard to imagine Christmas and New Year without the sparkling lights, wreaths, stockings, carved snowflakes and, unquestionably, a gorgeous Christmas tree, from top to bottom hung […]