Chinese Zodiac Sign Machine Embroidery Design Dog

Chinese Zodiac New Year party is the best way to honor your adorable wet-nosed pet. Call your pet-owner friends and enjoy this greatest tradition of the Orient. You can organize a fancy soiree with porcelain tableware and embroidered napkins

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Chinese Dragon – 2 sizes

The only place in which people shouldn’t place the images of the Chinese dragon  is a bedroom. Rest, calmness and luxury are the feelings unfamiliar to a dragon. Consequently, it is impossible to relax and have a rest in its presence. Therefore, it is better “to lodge” the dragon in other rooms of the house.

Machine Embroidery Design Chinese pattern – 2 sizes

Machine embroidery design CHINESE PATTERN is a combination of a traditional geometric motif – rectangular, and one of the most popular of floral – peony. The rectangular pattern seems similar to a spiral. It is done by connecting short lines, the number of which is limited solely by the author.