Chinese ornament Embroidery Design

Did you know that Chinese embroidery is a whole art? It has existed for centuries, and people pass it from generation to generation. In China, there are four schools of embroidery. Each of them accepts students, conducts lessons and seminars, representing, and thereby developing, the world-famous traditional silk on silk embroidery. Chinese ornament Embroidery Design […]

Peonies Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The whole world is obsessed with peonies. In wedding bouquets, accessories, home décor and even confectionary – voluminous pastel-pink beauties seem to have conquered people’s minds, hearts and souls with their ethereal grace. Fashion too couldn’t escape their aromatic flower-power. Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and so many others bowed to the floral majesties […]

Chinese Ornament Machine Embroidery Design

If you are looking for an interesting idea how to decorate the interior with original elements and add to it the luxury and a style, the Chinese Ornament Machine Embroidery Design will be the right choice. First, Chinese culture is very popular now and is the part of our modern life. Secondly, Chinese machine embroidery […]

Cross-stitch machine embroidery design Chinese vase

This machine embroidery design in blue and white is interest and significant. It reminds about Chinese culture and traditions. In addition this design can be used in a different ways. First of all you can use it like creative element of your home interior. If you look for something extra-ordinary Cross-stitch machine embroidery design Chinese […]

Chinese Zodiac Sign Machine Embroidery Design Dog

One legend about creation has it, that a man was created first. Then, a better version of the human appeared – a woman. And only after the skill’s been honed to perfection the God created the dog. Everyone who’s ever had the luck of being loved by a dog knows that this legend has good […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Chinese Dragon – 2 sizes

The gold Chinese dragon has a set of symbolical meanings. First, it is the sign of the positive beginning Jan, Heaven Strength, filled with creative energy of Qi. Secondly, it is a symbol of the Power in general and a distinction of emperors in Ancient China. Thirdly, the Chinese dragon is unique because it has […]

Machine Embroidery Design Mandarin duck – 2 sizes

We represent a charming machine embroidery design in oriental style MANDARIN DUCK. The composition consists of two separate patterns for embroidery machine. This allows you to place the birdie anywhere on the product, while lotuses occupy its lower part. Moreover, you have the opportunity to change the proportions, as each of the elements is available […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lotus pond and mandarin duck – 3 sizes

Quiet dreaminess of sunrise, gentle stillness of mirror-like water and tender whisper of luscious greenery, blooming along the watery edges… Scenery of such beauty is what really adds worth to our lives. Infused with peaceful magic of dreamy mornings in nature’s laps, Machine Embroidery Design Lotus Pond and Mandarin Duck brings sophisticated flair to decorative […]

Machine Embroidery Design Traditional Chinese Dragon Pattern – 2 sizes

Greek symmetry and grandeur, Russian ardency and zeal, Hungarian whimsy and African zest… Aromas and flavors from all over the world, translated into gorgeous embroidery designs, are gathered in Royal Present Embroidery catalogues. Beauty of the diverse at its finest! The collection, however, wouldn’t be complete without a touch of mystery and a whiff of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Chinese pattern – 2 sizes

CHINESE PATTERN is an example of luxurious machine embroidery design, which will literally transform your home textiles. Linen, towels, serving sets, or even light translucent curtains, decorated with such a refined Oriental border, will look exquisite and draw the attention of guests. This extraordinary design will not only serve as adornment, but will also attract […]