Machine Embroidery Designs Chrysanthemums and butterfly

They say that butterflies are flying flowers. Looking at the set of machine embroidery designs CHRYSANTHEMUMS AND BUTTERFLY, it’s not hard to believe in this. Like a delicate floret, this amazing creature is hovering over fluffy white chrysanthemums. It seems, it’s about to sit on one of them. Such a composition will refresh the interior and add a spring touch to the surroundings. Moreover, it is perfect for wedding decorations, or for a gift to the bride and groom.

Machine Embroidery Designs Sakura branches and butterfly

Our website has a remarkable Japanese Collection, which presents exquisite machine embroidery designs. They are inspired by the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun and are of extraordinary beauty and taste. A set of Machine Embroidery Designs Sakura branches and butterfly is from this collection too. These patterns are extremely elegant and very romantic. They will look truly magical on home textiles, clothes and accessories.

Butterfly Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

A delightful Butterfly Machine Embroidery Design from Japanese Collection will be a wonderful addition to textiles. Butterflies occupy an important place in Japanese culture, its traditions and beliefs. One of the most common persuasions is that the winged creature is the embodied soul of a man. It doesn’t matter, if the person is alive or gone. For centuries the Japanese have believed the soul is able to wander around in the form of a butterfly. It may suddenly appear in a place while its master is on the way there. One of the signs says, if a butterfly flies into your home, you should prepare for the arrival of guests.

Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Two butterflies

A set of machine embroidery designs TWO BUTTERFLIES sends greetings from warm sunny days filled with the fragrance of herbs and flowers, honey taste of ripe berries, warbling birds, and, of course, beautiful fluttering butterflies. They fascinate with a single flap of the wings, and you follow their flight until they disappear from view. A […]