Baby Elephant Applique Machine Embroidery Design

This design is made in the appliqué technique. Despite the fact that this technique came to machine embroidery relatively recently, its popularity and scale are becoming bigger every day. The appliqué technique in embroidery is the direction where many details are superimposed on the base fabric. Thus, the machine embroider the desired image or figure. […]

Appliqué Machine Embroidery Design Lamb

The appliqué technique is now widely used in machine embroidery and is loved by many needlewomen for their simplicity, and at the same time attractive appearance. The main feature of this style of embroidery is that it consists of several parts. All of them are attached on top of the base fabric, and then connected […]

Animals Love Appliqué machine embroidery design

Somewhere in the sunny, stunning wildlife safari, live majestic and royal animals: tigers, lions, panthers. Their beauty, magnificence and grace of movements cause delight. Animals Love Appliqué machine embroidery design For lovers of these royal and mighty animals we created our Animal Love Appliqué Machine Embroidery Design. It is suitable for embroidery on wardrobe items, […]