Monogram Placement

Monogram PlacementMonogrammed pieces of garment and linen emanate luxurious aura whenever they are used. Such articles could be given as momentous gifts and souvenirs. However, beneath the decorative ornamentation, there is a previous contemplation of certain decorum of their creation. Certainly every rule can be transformed for needs, deemed by the artisan appropriate.

Positioning of the monogram design on linen

When finding the right place for monogram, hems and other possible obstacles should be taken out of frame for better results. When embroidering linen, make sure labels are also out of sight. Size of towels plays significant role in monogram position. The bigger the towel the larger margin should be left between the monogram design and the hem. If there is border, the gap measuring starts with it, same rule applying. Exact aligning is always up to personal taste, but generally speaking the following numbers yield beautiful results:

For relatively small items (washcloths, handkerchiefs)   1 ½” gap, counting from hem, is enough. 1” is a good measure from borders. If the design in going to be embroidered on point of one of the corners 1 ½” space should be left between the point of the corner and the beginning of the bottom letter of the design.

When embellishing napkins with monograms, 2” should separate bottom end of the lettering and the point corner. 1” above decorative border corner, if there is one, is an appropriate spot. Whenever the placement of monogram is not exactly on the point, the joining hems should be taken into consideration. Pattern should be separated by 1” from both of them.

Hand towels call for larger gaps: 2” between the hem and if there is a border – 1 1/2”.

Bath towels and other grand towels would be perfectly decorated by monograms placed in 2” above the hem and 1 ½” – 2” above border.

When embroidering sheets, start with determining the top side. There, 2” above the wide hem is the nice area for the design to be placed.

Personalized clothes

Such items are decorated mostly to individual liking. It is even better if the decision is made while the piece of clothing is worn, so that vantage points of the project might be checked in practice.

When embroidering cuffs of shirts the nethermost part of a monogram should be done at the bottom of the cuff. The general direction should tend towards the buttonhole and the initials should be positioned in such a way, that when worn with jacket, cuff monograms could be seen. Usually 1/4” to 1/2” above cuff edge is enough.

When putting monogram on ties one should decide if they will be worn with vests or not. In ensemble with vests, the embroidery should be seen, so 9-11” from the tip is a good spot. Without vests, 1 1/2 – 2” above the tip is enough.

Designs put on the left side of men’ shirts require 7 ½ – 9” counting from the shoulder seam and 4 – 6” from the center front. Same garments for women should be embroidered in area, located 4-6” down from the shoulder seam and 3 – 5” from the center front. All measurements are taken to the center of the design.

When working with center front designs, counting should start from the apical end of the lettering. This point will reach 3 – 3 ½” from the edge of the crew neck. V-necks, as well as scoop necks, may call for closer gap, whereas hemmed necks look better with a wider gap.

Frontal placement of monogram for left chest jackets asks for 6 – 8” from the shoulder seam and 3 1/2 – 4” over from the center. Back placement is built upon proportion of the pattern and jacket sizes. Safe space though is from 6” to 9″downward from the collar.

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