Vera BlinovaVera Blinova started her fashion career more than 10 years ago and accomplished both national and international recognition in the fashion industry.

She won Best Award 2020 by EcoAware Gallery and was a finalist of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia in 2019. Despite her young age, she already received magazine covers with her work in influential fashion magazines such as INCO from Stockholm, Sweden and french luxury magazine MALVIE.

She has additionally held Creative Director, Strategy Chief and Lead Designer positions in international and United States-based brands such as Royal Present Embroidery, Melitta Baumeister, Calvin Klein and independently created and lead innovative projects and collections with British leading design company Paul Smith and Russia’s top avant-garde theater and art hub Gogol Center.

Vera’s expansive expertise falls on researching, designing, leading and implementing strategies in digital and socio-environmental segments of the fashion industry, where she brings a unique value to the industry due to her dedication to sociology, philosophy and philanthropic nature.

When Vera joined Royal Present Embroidery - a pioneer of embroidery digitizing and 3D technologies in Apparel, she sky rocketed a companies success in a Chief of 3D Strategy role and brought unique knowledge of 3D software, it’s implementation in fashion supply chain and digital future to a 3D team she led and directed. A company experienced almost a 20% revenue increase due to a more sustainable 3D prototyping system for Embroidery and Apparel.

Royal Present Embroidery also became more environmentally friendly, cut on waste in production stages and achieved a cheaper, but more efficient workflow with Vera’s ability to foresee the future of 3D and extraordinary skills.

Currently, Vera Blinova is based in New York, where she shared her secret processes and plans on developing a new Design System called System51. It is her second year of developing the platform, she already had an exhibition System51 in New York and she has a digitally published book dedicated to this platform.

Vera has already attracted sponsors both independent and from companies such as Citibank and she plans to open a new digital platform, that will “re-design” life and help other creatives succeed in 3D world. In addition, she is developing a non-profit digital event in Decentraland and Roblox in order to attract funds for refugees in Palestine and Ukraine. Stay tuned for a launch in 2023!