Machine Embroidery Design Silver key – 2 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Silver key is a beautiful magic symbol. They say, that a key is a symbol of possession. When you present a key, that means you wish somebody to open new roads, get something, find a new way. It opens any locks – internal and external doors, thus allows you to be […]

Bluework machine embroidery designs

Anyone who is even slightly interested in the decor should definitely have noticed that embroidery kits are often used by designers. And there is nothing strange, because such an interesting decor attracts attention and literally fascinates every connoisseur of beauty. In our time, even there are “special” designers of machine embroidery, which have already been […]

Dog-Rose Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design

The skill of embroidery has long won many admirers and continues to win them. Even in the era of Ancient Rus there was this craft. Moreover, it was very appreciated by our ancestors. Then embroidery also had great aesthetic value and carried a protective function. The ancient masters appealed to embroidery to create amulets from […]

Single rose Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design

From the depths of centuries, the art of embroidery reached us. It never lost its relevance and continues to attract more and more people to this day. This craft is so fascinating that individual really magnificent examples of embroidery can be found in museums and even in the book of records of Gines. For example, […]

Free Floral Quilt Machine Embroidery Pattern – 2 sizes

The Free Floral Quilt Machine Embroidery Pattern forms a separate square. Each quarter of the square consists of a branch which meets with three others in the center. Thus, a rhombus is formed inside, emphasizing accurate symmetry of the drawing even more. Only two colours in the pattern allow to make any colour scale and […]

Peonies Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design

Machine embroidery figuratively speaking can be called a very young direction, but at the same time it is very promising. Such active development is directly related to the large-scale of different spheres of everyday life. Interestingly, mankind knows that the first machine for embroidery was created in France in 1821. True, the name of the […]

You Are My Sunshine Machine Embroidery Design

The sweetest thing one can say to someone they love is that they mean the whole world to them. Nothing can top “the whole world”, right? Well, almost… There’s still one thing that is above the entire world and we mean literally. Guessed what it is? Right – the sun with its golden warmth and […]

Filigree decorative border embroidery design – 5 sizes

When it comes to interior design, many people get into the quagmire of a variety of options. In the modern world, there are really innumerable ways to design your home. No matter how attractive the new and recent trends, the uniquely winning solution will be the using of classical ornaments. These decorative elements shake our […]

Polish Roosters Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Embroidery has long served all people to decorate not only their homes, but also for dressing. Our ancestors spent a lot of time and energy on making stunning gizmos with embroidered patterns. True, in our time, technological progress allows you to embroider without much effort. Machine embroidery can be called a relatively young craft, because […]

Polish Folk Art machine embroidery design – 2 sizes

In Eastern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea, there is a country that is known for its medieval architecture and Jewish neighborhoods. In addition, it has other cultural wealth. And this country is called Poland. It has an unusually large national heritage. Folklore of Poles is distinguished by its colorfulness and variety. This […]

Pumpkins Corner Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The Pumpkins Corner Machine Embroidery Design will surely draw attention of fans of vegetable designs. As real pumpkins covering a kitchen garden in the fall or summer, their embroidered analogs will elegantly decorate the house. Such corner designs with positive solar power will conveniently settle down on a tablecloth and pillows, napkins, towels, rugs. The […]

Ornate baroque frame Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Tufted headboards, carved furnishings, ample gilding, mirrors and chandeliers… If seeing these exquisite details in interior design magazines makes your heart swoon with excitement, then you’re definitely a Baroque person. And, in your dreams you’ve probably infused your future home with the traits, characteristic of this regal decorative style. If not, then Ornate Baroque Frame […]

Medieval Crown Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

At all times, royalty testified to nobility, wisdom, wealth. The king was considered the representative of the country, which should be almost ideal person. He, together with his whole family, was introduced to the people, as an embodiment of courage, dignity, discretion. Let the royal families now meet only in some individual states, each of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Bronze key – 2 sizes

It is known that something similar to embroidery existed in primitive times. People used for this purpose carved stone, bones, veins of animals and even hair. However, in this technique there is a lot similar to the craft known to all of us. At first embroidery was used exclusively for practical purposes. For example, it […]

Machine Embroidery Design Poppies and Cornflowers

The secret to a seamless and stylish housekeeping is to make room in your home for the nature to bloom. Machine Embroidery Design Poppies and Cornflowers is our new summer-filled decorative motive and it can help bring nature into your home with sensational grace. Make it your own and you’ll love every little thing you […]

Free cross-stitch machine embroidery design Chinese Pagoda

Modern technologies have presented us with many opportunities and advantages of the most varied scales. Thanks to the progress, all spheres of our life become more convenient. Man was able to reach the cosmos, he learned to overcome huge distances in relatively short intervals of time. The same distance ceased to be an obstacle to […]

Buttonholes Machine Embroidery Designs Feather

In this unusual composition, we see a peacock’s feather, which is very closely depicted, close to a realistic image. Pleasant eye tones are perfectly combined with each other and look very stylish. Such designs will certainly serve you to transform many things with buttons. First, Buttonholes Machine embroidery designs Feather should be used to give […]

Cross-stitch Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design

Cross-stitch embroidery appeared in the primitive age and since then has gained extraordinary popularity in many countries. In our time there are many subspecies of this technique, each of which has its own peculiarities and advantages. True, all of them are united by the fact that cross-stitch is still not just a hobby, but a […]

Olives Wreath Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

The true mistress, who keeps track of her house, every object should possess a beautiful view. Starting from the wallpaper and ending with the kitchen rugs – everything should be perfect. Beautiful wallpapers are chosen relatively easily (due to variety). But kitchen accessories are more complicated. For some reason, in stores, there are almost the […]

Machine embroidery design Traditional Asian Dragon – 3 sizes

Before you design, that at the first glance evokes associations with East Asia and in particular with China. Surely you did not know that ancient China is the origin of the embroidery art. It is believed that there on the silk fabrics began to create ornaments in the VI-V century BC. The most popular motif […]

Predator claws Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

The world of machine embroidery is definitely distinguished by its variety of shapes and colors. There are many different designs, which makes it possible to pick up something special for each occasion. You can find embroidery and for the transformation of any objects, and for the improvement of clothing. In this craft there are many […]

Gold leaves elements Machine Embroidery Designs

Mistresses have long been familiar with embroidery-borders, which are assistants in creating an ideal interior. And they are very diversity. True in the fashion there always remain classical ornaments. The Two Gold leaves elements Machine Embroidery Designs obviously will not disappoint you, because it combines all the canons of beauty. The leaves create an unusual […]

Little Sparrow Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Little Sparrow Machine Embroidery Design will be your indispensable assistant in the creation of many unique and very attractive objects. After all, everything with this stunning design will turn from ordinary household trivia into something completely unique, bright and very stylish. You can be sure that such machine embroidery will transform even the most seemingly […]

Skeleton hand Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

You do not need to constantly update your wardrobe, throwing out an incredible amount of money to always stay in the trend and wear the most fashionable things. After all, any basic thing can be turned into something very stylish and original. You just need to use machine embroidery. You should understand that machine embroidery […]

Tiara Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

People have always been averse to all kinds of manifestations of wealth, including jewelry. Especially captivates the spirit from all sorts of precious symbols of power: crowns and tiaras. Behind each of these items is a lot of legends and a story. If we talk about tiara, it is worth noting that at first it […]

Sparrow Digital Embroidery Design

This wonderful composition will help you easily give beauty and elegance to your home. Take a look at this Sparrow Digital Embroidery Design, and you will see a lovely spring picture – a fairy branch with flowers and berries has become a cozy place for a sparrow. The same coziness you will bring to your […]

Dream catcher Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Modern society has long been bored with glamour and annoying brilliance, which does not always allow creative people to express their character. Fortunately, recently Boho Fashion Style or Boho Chic Fashion is gaining popularity (although it was born in 2000 in the UK), which allows even the most sophisticated lovers of creativity to find something […]

Corner Arabesque Digital Embroidery Designs – 5 sizes

Corner Arabesque Digital Embroidery Designs consist of two similar Oriental ornaments. In turn, each option has five different sizes. This offer is very beneficial for personal use and for the mass production of textiles. You simultaneously get 10 designs of a beautiful corner, which will suit many objects. Decorating the corners of a product with […]

Machine Embroidery Design pumpkin, leaves, corn

Machine embroidery has long won the hearts of many mistresses and lovers of aesthetics, because this is a fairly simple and universal way of creating any atmosphere. Depending on the design, you can bring to the house a note of friendliness, refinement or even royal charm. Specifically, Machine Embroidery Design pumpkin, leaves, corn undoubtedly will […]

Jasmine Machine Embroidery Designs

Stunning designs will help any housewife effortlessly create coziness in her home, and even bring grace and elegance. Such an attractive machine embroidery will look great in your interior. Place this small set of designs on the tablecloth, to create a refined atmosphere during each meal. And if you decorate jasmines with napkins, be sure […]

Sparrow Wreath Machine Embroidery Design

In search of an elegant decoration for your interior, pay attention to Sparrow Wreath Machine embroidery design, which immediately captures its unusual shape and refinement. Just look at this charming spring song and imagine how beautiful it will look in your life. A chic wreath with berries, leaves and flowers is in itself a chic […]

Sparrow Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

In this design we see not just a bird that settled down to rest on a flowering branch. Pay attention to the amazing combination of colors in this composition. Pleasant tones that are very skillfully combined and a detailed image of both the bird itself and the vegetation around it make this machine embroidery a […]

Dahlias Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Any person who knows at least a little about gardening, is familiar with such wonderful flowers – dahlias. These creatures of nature enthrall and amaze with their fabulous appearance. They lift each of us the mood with its richness and unusualness. Because of this the using of these wonderful colors in the decor will be […]

Scandinavian folk Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

In the search for perfect elements for decoration, it is worth to give time to machine embroidery. The design offered here has collected all sorts of virtues, which will undoubtedly interest everyone. Pay attention to this unusual composition and just imagine how magical it will look in your interior. A bright blue drawing that is […]

Pansy Border Machine Embroidery Design

How often did you have a situation when you see a charming piece of interior or some outfit, but do not feel full satisfaction to them through its simplicity and uncommonness? You can forget about such unpleasant little things, because solving of this problem is very simple – you just need to pay attention to […]

Machine Embroidery Design BE UNIQUE Elephants

The slogan “Be unique” has become very popular nowadays. Embroidered products perfectly help to realize this idea. Decoration on clothes and interiors, made according to one’s taste, embodies everyone’s desire of being unique and differ from others. The Machine Embroidery Design BE UNIQUE Elephants is one of our attractive offers. It clearly demonstrates the motto […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lilac – 2 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Lilac will appeal to lovers of flowers and embroidery. The branch of lilac looks lively and bright. It transfers all the shades of colors and shapes of lilac inflorescences. The author of the design tried to reproduce even the subtleties of petals’ structure. We see that the same way as in […]

USA flag butterfly Machine embroidery design – 2 sizes

The USA flag butterfly Machine embroidery Design contains many attractive details. It is no secret that the bright image of butterfly is already attractive itself. A small nature miracle in such frame of traditional American flag colours gives the embroidery a double symbolism. First, fragments of the US flag always emphasize the avant-garde in fashion […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Purple Butterflies

Summertime and the living is … boring? Florals, stripes, polka dots – with July having already entered the fashion scene, it’s only natural to see all of the abovementioned patterns engulfing everything you lay your eyes on. Forget the usual summertime fashions and “flutter” into a trend that is full of color, life and most […]

Christmas in July: 40% off, 3 days ONLY!

Dear Fellow Embroiderer, We’re holding a huge sale for Christmas in July this year! For 3 days only, we are offering 40% off our Christmas embroidery designs! This is a great opportunity to buy some of our designs. This discount will last until 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 15. Shop now before it’s over! Take 40% […]

Monochrome Rose border Machine Embroidery Design

There are innumerable patterns and ornaments that are used in decor. We often meet a wide variety of samples of such drawings literally in all spheres of our life. On the one hand, it’s good, because we have many options for decorating our interior and clothes, we have the opportunity to choose the perfect pattern. […]

Roses and forget-me-nots Machine Embroidery Designs

Every day we admire the flowers when we see them in flower shops, flower beds or trees and even on any images in art or decor. An extraordinary variety of shapes and shades always attracts and fascinates. Do you know that each flower has its own unique meaning and history? In these gifts of nature, […]

Blooming Golden Thistle Machine Embroidery designs

Sooner or later, in the life of each person comes a time when the familiar environment is boring and causes boredom. In this case, we immediately think about the changes and the costs of these changes. The ideal option to refresh your interior is machine embroidery. If you are in search of perfect decor, pay […]

Christmas Piggy Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

On the Christmas Eve, everyone is chasing unusual and attractive ornaments. Of course, aesthetics – this is very important, though in such a joyful holiday we must not forget about the fun. Let the snowflakes, angels and other standard attributes of Christmas days look very elegant, but they do not give that note of amusement […]

Geranium machine embroidery design

At all times, the dominant place in the decor was occupied by flowers. These mysterious and beautiful gifts of nature have always admired people with their kind, because it is quite natural that we wish to decorate everything with flowers. These creations in our time exist in our interior in many forms: living and artificial […]

Pansies Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Such an interesting flower, like Pansies, without any doubt, has the honor among real aesthetes. An unusual interesting shape and combination of yellow and purple colors stirs emotions and feelings of everyone who just looks at it. The charming creation of nature attracts attention and completely absorbs it by its appearance. The flower combines grace […]

Tiger head machine embroidery design – 3 sizes

No matter how beautiful floral designs are, how stunning ornaments are staggered, sometimes they are not appropriate. You do not need something like roses, forget-me-nots, oriental patterns, or classic monograms, if you dream of creating a stylish and youthful item. In this situation, you definitely need Tiger Head Machine embroidery design. Interestingly, this design is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beige Lace Cross

In many beliefs, the cross carries a sacred meaning. This sign is found in a wide variety of cultures around the world. It can be seen even in Egyptian antiquity, where it was a symbol of life and gods. In Babylon, the cross was considered the symbol of Anu, the god of heaven. In Asyria, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cupid little baby

Baby showers, kids’ birthday parties, Christenings, dates, Supernatural binge watching… What do all these things have in common? Right, they’re all “blessed” with angelic presence of some kind or another. Oh, we’ve almost forgotten about St. Valentine’s Day too – a day when everyone’s an angel, or cupid or both. So, where were we? Oh […]

Dream-catcher Skull Cow Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Now the dream-catcher is a pretty popular talisman that many people like. True, not everyone understands that this amulet has an ancient sacral meaning. This item is considered traditional for the native American people, which are engaged in shamanism and communication with otherworldly spirits. Such Esoteric symbol protected them from evil spirits. Or rather, this […]