Spring Bunny Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Talking bunnies, kittens in boots, squirrels and frogs in full feather… Wonderful world of Beatrix Potter’s imagination is truly a beautiful place. Narrated and illustrated with unique, most endearing love to details, her creations introduced a special kind of magic into our childhood. What’s more, this adorable magic lives on through the time and space, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ancient Cross

When Easter, Christmas, baptisms, births and birthday celebrations are not merely occasions to be merry but opportunities to praise God for what we’re blessed with, preparation for them should be proper. Decorations for such holidays are inexorable part of the preparations. Royal Present Embroidery upholds the true essence of such glorious occasions, offering a wide […]

Contour Pink Peony Machine Embroidery Design

What could be better and more beautiful than embroidered clothes? Blouses, T-shirts with elements of needlework look elegant and exquisite. A variety of patterns and components will satisfy even the most refined taste. Embroidery is a creative, fascinating process. Many craftsmen, once tried this kind of needlework, will no longer trade it for anything. Plunged […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Peony

We present on this website page Free Machine Embroidery Design Peony! If you recognize this flower closely, you will fall in love and want to embroider it. Tested on the personal experience! You can embroider any clothing or accessories for yourself or as a gift. The symbol’s meaning The cute embroidery with Peony (the king […]

Machine Embroidery Design Teddy Bear with heart – 2 sizes

Balloons, cards, flowers and all things chocolate are flooding every inch of every shop’s space. The symptoms are clear – Valentine’s Day rush’s about to sweep everyone off their feet with everything sweet, cute and adorable. This day is a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy adorable goofiness of all related the sentimental perks. […]

Applique Machine Embroidery Design Bear

The Applique machine embroidery design Bear will demand 4 changes and 5 colours of thread. For a skilled master creation of this cheerful picture doesn’t take much time. But the effect will be great. The bear cub will recover clothes and the room of the child. It can be embroidered on pajamas, casual and sportswear. The room and the bed of a kid will change if one’s favourite toy bear shares them with a child. It will become a friend and an attractive watchman of child’s corner. The kid won’t feel lonely in the room or in the bed. Besides, such design with applique helps to develop tactile feelings and imagination of the kid. He will surely touch and communicate with a bear cub as soon as he enters his “corner”.

Machine Embroidery Design Two black cats in love

This February the 14th, forget the sloppy love stories and have a taste of the charming darkness of Marticia and Gomeze Valentine. Learn why black is such a happy color and what actually goes behind the three little dots after Love is headline. For cara mia of your life and mon cherie of your dreams, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Valentines headline with hearts and birds

Valentine’s Day isn’t a red-letter day per se. Still there’s plenty of red, infusing the day with most gorgeously amorous flair. Red roses, red boxes of chocolates, red wine in glasses of couples’ in-love and of course millions of red hearts… All those wonderful tokens of love make February one of the most cardinal months […]

Home is wherever I’m with you Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

A rainbow, a falling enamored star or a little sparkle of love, shooting from your heart to the one of your beloved… Home is Wherever I’m with You Embroidery Design can literally be anything that you want it to be. This new addition to Valentine’s Day Machine Embroidery Designs collection is here to play with […]

Machine Embroidery Design Home is wherever i’m with you

Machine Embroidery Design Home is wherever I’m with you is a perfect blend of coziness, warmth and oh-so-very sincere emotion. Sparkle of infatuation may pass with time, but feeling of finally finding home will always glow in your heart. Light up moment that spent together with shine of this glow to truly celebrate your romantic story. A shared song during a car ride, quite at-home movie nights – whatever makes time surrender its ultimate power, is worth becoming a memory.

For You with Love Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

A Valentine’s gift to make anyone swoon, a thank-you present for a friend or your sister, a wedding-shower token, which will say that you really value the bride-and-groom – all these can be done with just one machine embroidery design for you with love. Yes, your love is king and it rules with so much style that anyone will be impressed.

Free Machine Embroidery Design Love Sweet Love

If you wanted to drink love, what do you think it would taste like? Pessimists would say love tastes like wine, acidic, complex and straight-out befuddling. Realists might say that love would taste like coffee, bitterly sharp but oh-so invigorating. Romantics, however, despite all the flaws and all, say love tastes sweet. Like a cup […]