Machine Embroidery Design Gorgeous Cross

The machine embroidery design Gorgeous Cross is executed by two colours of thread. They can be close in tone or contrasting. The cross can be placed on any fabric basis and executed in golden tones. Not less solemnly it looks in light colors on a white fabric. Despite its contradictory symbolics, the cross is sacred for the believing people. It is a symbol of deep belief and any ritual doesn’t happen without it. Its image people carry on themselves or on their clothes all their life.

Machine Embroidery Design Bride and Groom Owls – 3 sizes

Royal Present Embroidery congratulates everyone who has managed to acquire those three magical gifts. As tribute to this wonderful feat we created Machine Embroidery Design Bride and Groom Owls. In this motive we “married” eternal symbols of wisdom, love and happiness into an adorable couple of just-happily-married owls. Make them part of your wedding and they’ll bring blessing from skies on their magical wings.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Pocket Cat

With Machine Embroidery Design Cute Pocket Cat Now you can do it. A shirt with cute pocket cat embroidery can become great gift idea for his next birthday! It’ll make him look dapper and neat, and he will actually wear it this time!

Machine Embroidery Design Blank Monogram and chandeliers

If you wish to keep your house in the united style, then pay attention to this refined embroidery. The machine embroidery design Blank Monogram and chandeliers will be ideal for interiors. Cushions, plaids, curtains in the room with real candelabrums just dream of such addition. The embroidered personal monogram of the owner in the frame, will give a finished and great look to the room. Especially, if you adhere to the one of classical styles in the interior.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas snowflake with rubies – 7 sizes

Christmas is this time of the year when it’s imperative to shine like gold and glimmer like glitter. And the more the better! So, we say, take advantage of this seasonal shimmering privilege and paint the town gold! With Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Snowflake with Rubies design you can turn your home into magical Golden North Pole! Are you ready? Let the precious blizzard begin!

Machine Embroidery Design Rosehip Bouquet – 2 sizes

Machine embroidery design ROSEHIP BOUQUET is perfect to adorn women’s clothing, handbags and clutches made of fabric, pouches for linens. It will also serve for interior design, if you decide to decorate napkins, tablecloths or small cushions with such embroidery.