Machine Embroidery Design Gorgeous Cross

The machine embroidery design Gorgeous Cross is executed by two colours of thread. They can be close in tone or contrasting. The cross can be placed on any fabric basis and executed in golden tones. Not less solemnly it looks in light colors on a white fabric. Despite its contradictory symbolics, the cross is sacred for the believing people. It is a symbol of deep belief and any ritual doesn’t happen without it. Its image people carry on themselves or on their clothes all their life.

Machine Embroidery Design Bride and Groom Owls – 3 sizes

Royal Present Embroidery congratulates everyone who has managed to acquire those three magical gifts. As tribute to this wonderful feat we created Machine Embroidery Design Bride and Groom Owls. In this motive we “married” eternal symbols of wisdom, love and happiness into an adorable couple of just-happily-married owls. Make them part of your wedding and they’ll bring blessing from skies on their magical wings.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Pocket Cat

With Machine Embroidery Design Cute Pocket Cat Now you can do it. A shirt with cute pocket cat embroidery can become great gift idea for his next birthday! It’ll make him look dapper and neat, and he will actually wear it this time!

Machine Embroidery Design Blank Monogram and chandeliers

If you wish to keep your house in the united style, then pay attention to this refined embroidery. The machine embroidery design Blank Monogram and chandeliers will be ideal for interiors. Cushions, plaids, curtains in the room with real candelabrums just dream of such addition. The embroidered personal monogram of the owner in the frame, will give a finished and great look to the room. Especially, if you adhere to the one of classical styles in the interior.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas snowflake with rubies – 7 sizes

Christmas is this time of the year when it’s imperative to shine like gold and glimmer like glitter. And the more the better! So, we say, take advantage of this seasonal shimmering privilege and paint the town gold! With Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Snowflake with Rubies design you can turn your home into magical Golden North Pole! Are you ready? Let the precious blizzard begin!

Machine Embroidery Design Rosehip Bouquet – 2 sizes

Machine embroidery design ROSEHIP BOUQUET is perfect to adorn women’s clothing, handbags and clutches made of fabric, pouches for linens. It will also serve for interior design, if you decide to decorate napkins, tablecloths or small cushions with such embroidery.

Corner Machine Embroidery Design Pink Roses – 3 sizes

For those who love flowers we introduce a corner machine embroidery design Pink Roses. If you want your house to be always warm and beautiful, decorate it with embroidered flowers. They will bring freshness and joyful mood to its guests and owners. Having appeared on curtains, table cloths or beddings, pink roses create freshness, spring and youth’s aura in the house.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Bear with air balloons

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Bear with Air balloons welcomes you to kindergarten of our embroidery collection. Adorable, charming, precious, delightful – all sweet little baby animals, real and imaginary, are waiting here for you and your kids. Oh wait, some don’t. Heads up, for if you won’t hurry, Cute Bear with Air Balloons will sail to the skies without you!

Machine Embroidery Design Corner Climbing Roses – 2 sizes

With the machine embroidery design CORNER CLIMBING ROSES these flowers can embellish the interior of your home. A sprig of lush roses is ideal for decorating the dining textiles, towels, bedding sets. Also you can use such romantic patterns for embroidery machines for personal items, women’s and children’s clothing.

Guide in the world of machine embroidery: what a beginner should know

Where do I start? Which embroidery machine is better to buy? What materials will I need for my future embroidery projects? Which manufacturers should I trust? If, among others, these questions makes your head go round, than you’re reading the right article. To make the start easier, we’ve gathered basic highlights, potentially useful for every embroidery novice.

Machine Embroidery Design Garland of Pink Roses – 3 sizes

Roses are delightful, they are rightly considered to be one of the first in beauty and aroma. Adorable machine embroidery design GARLAND OF PINK ROSES demonstrates how marvelous these flowers are. This truly spectacular multicolor pattern will look great on napkins, tablecloths and towels. It can decorate items of women’s clothing or children’s stuff. Roses long ago became a classic décor, they are appropriate for any textile product.

Corner Machine Embroidery Design Climbing Roses – 2 sizes

Step by step, you can turn your room into a blossoming garden. The corner machine embroidery design Climbing Roses will help you to realize this idea. Just imagine, that in one of the rooms of your house bright roses have blossomed and never fade. They don’t demand watering or special care. Their only mission is to decorate and bring joy and pleasure. A bedroom or a drawing room, a kitchen or a nursery can become this room-garden.

Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Penguin and Reindeer – 2 sizes

Two lovely representatives of the North are depicted on this embroidery. The machine embroidery designs Christmas Penguin and Reindeer will please any child. They will decorate their winter clothes and facilitate the expectation of Christmas holidays. It is no secret, that kids look forward for the arrival of Christmas and New Year. They don’t like to put on many warm clothes, going outside in winter days. Cheerful Reindeer and Penguin will brighten up these difficulties.

Machine Embroidery Design Pink Roses Monogram Blank – 4 sizes

If embroidered flowers from our website have already blossomed in your house, then this design, surely, will draw your attention. The machine embroidery design Pink Roses Monogram Blank will become a continuation or the beginning of the room-garden. It can be a separate central detail for textiles, or a part of a flower interior of the room. Different sizes of the design allow to arrange it beautifully and precisely on a fabric.

Machine Embroidery Design Ornamental Elegant Pink Decor – 3 sizes

What is the perfect way for you to relax after work? Could it be a dinner at a posh restaurant? A glass of wine, light of candles dancing off luscious fabric of the table-cover, soft cloth napkins on your laps… A kingly way to finish the day indeed! What about pampering your dear self with a treatment at a SPA? Indulgingly fluffy robes, relaxing music, creamy towels to soak your toes in… Few minutes in paradise will surely make you feel great!

Machine Embroidery Design Rose of Wind

The machine embroidery design Rose of Wind is not just a vector chart specifying the direction of wind. It is also a heraldic sign which can become an excellent gift for some people. The embroidered symbolical polygonal star will be demanded by those who dream or already works in meteorological branches. Air and sea industries, construction, ecology, and even agriculture are connected with meteorology.

Set of 2 Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Elf together with Rudolph Reindeer

Set of two machine embroidery designs Christmas Elf together with Rudolf Reindeer will be pleasant to children. Such picture will become a fine New Year’s addition to a gift. It can be embroidered as a separate picture for a card. The plot will perfectly settle on New Year’s and casual winter clothes. Kids look forward Santa Claus’s arrival, therefore a sweater or a hat with his messengers will brighten up their expectations. Thus, we advise to make such ornament in advance.

Machine Embroidery Design for Elegant Espadrilles – 5 sizes

They say that if you give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Well, here in Royal Present Embroidery, we say that a girl shouldn’t wait till somebody gives her the shoes. We say take the game in your own hands and make your own pair yourself. With Machine Embroidery Design for Elegant Espadrilles you actually can make it happen. And not just one pair of shoes, but as many as you want.