Machine Embroidery Design Dahlia border

The machine embroidery design Dahlia Border from will perfectly look on house textiles. Despite painstaking work to make a border, the embroidery won’t remain unnoticed. Besides, we have made the accurate instruction for the correct connection of fragments. Bright dahlia flowers will be most suitable for curtains or textiles decorations of a drawing room. It […]

Machine Embroidery Design French Napoleonic Bee – 3 sizes

Luxury, character, timeless style… When thinking along those lines in fashion and interior design particular, France inevitably comes to mind. And no wonder, really. From ancient times this little European country has been influencing in an enormous way the entire world of vogue. It was then, when elegance became synonym to French and royal elegance […]

Set of Machine Embroidery Designs With Roses and Butterflies – 3 in 1

Embroidered denim jackets, parkas, military coats and bombers have been standing their fashionable ground firm and good for few seasons already. And is this trend showing any signs of fading away? Not in the least! Moreover, constantly evolving, this trend becomes so in, that every big name rushes to present own stitch-perfect version of it. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rowan

Have you ever thought what role do red berries play in any seasonscape? In natural landscape, in home decoration, in our mood – red berries are like little flaming milestones on pages of calendar. To fire up a less sunny part of the year, Royal Present Embroidery offers you Machine Embroidery Design Rowan. This design […]

Machine Embroidery Design Golden indian border

Here you see machine embroidery design that combines oriental beauty and noble classics Golden indian border. This is an example of how the ancient motif of Eastern culture has conquered the West and won the hearts of people around the world. We are talking about Paisley – a fancy flourish, which resembles a leaf or […]

Machine Embroidery Design Buddha face – 2 sizes

Original decor often becomes the center of attention, which sets the tone for the whole interior. Spectacular Machine Embroidery Design Buddha face over ornate mandala round pattern is one of those. You can embroider it on a cushion, decorative napkin, bedcover or make a textile picture for wall decoration. This motif will bring oriental touch […]

Machine Embroidery Design Butterflies border

The machine embroidery design Butterflies Border is offered in 4 colours. We have chosen shades of yellow and golden to make the group very gentle. Of course, you can make this drawing brighter or more dark, depending on your need. Such ornament looks very harmoniously as a border for women’s clothing. It can decorate any […]

Machine embroidery monogram frame designs

Machine embroidery monogram frame designs will satisfy any taste. Moreover, those who weren’t engaged in monogram embroidery yet, having seen these designs, will certainly choose the most suitable for them. Undoubtedly, the choice is difficult, as each drawing is interesting and beautiful in own way. They are done in various styles and not in vain […]

Machine Embroidery Design Poppy border – 3 sizes

The machine embroidery design Poppy Border nobody can leave indifferent. If you, besides artistic, have also an enterprise talent, you will understand at once all advantages of this offer. First, beauty of this embroidery is evident from the first sight. The line of poppies in their natural poses create a bright and live picture. A […]

Machine Embroidery Design Antique Rococo Blank Monogram – 3 sizes

Here you see an adorable machine embroidery design Antique Rococo Blank Monogram. It will be a perfect setting for the first letter of the name or full initials. Any monogram, even written in plain font, will look royally gorgeous inside such a beautiful and exquisite frame! You can perform this amazing machine embroidery in any […]