Machine Embroidery Design Ottoman pattern

We offer a Machine Embroidery Design Ottoman pattern for the true admirers of the East. This ornament can be used for various purposes. First of all, the embroidered pattern can become a noble gift to the admirer of the Eastern culture. This ornament is executed in the Islimi technique that means “biomorphic “. Thin stalks, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ballet Dancer Girl – 3 sizes

Ballet flats, high buns, tulle skirts… If you think we’re describing another ballet rehearsal, you are thinking too exclusively. For those who aren’t living under the rock these things became part and parcel of every girl’s wardrobe ages ago. And for good reason too. Inspired by the most aesthetically graceful art form there’s, ballet fashion […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Chinese Dragon – 2 sizes

The gold Chinese dragon has a set of symbolical meanings. First, it is the sign of the positive beginning Jan, Heaven Strength, filled with creative energy of Qi. Secondly, it is a symbol of the Power in general and a distinction of emperors in Ancient China. Thirdly, the Chinese dragon is unique because it has […]

Machine Embroidery Design Purple Freesia Corner

Beautiful refined inflorescence of freesia are a symbol of aristocratic luxury. That’s why kings, notable persons, poets and artists decorated their houses with these flowers. Those who couldn’t bring fresh flowers to the house, adorned their dwelling with pictures, embroideries, decor objects with a freesia’s image. The machine embroidery design Purple Freesia Corner will perfectly […]

Set of Classic Machine Embroidery Designs

Every household has or at least should have at least one table-cover, bed linen set and several kinds of towels. According to statistics, these items form an absolute basis for comforts of the house. Most of these textiles usually come from big-chain supermarkets. This uniformity makes every home look like its nearest neighbor. Bespoke, handmade […]

Machine Embroidery Design Pineapple – 3 sizes

Straight from the motto, pineapple became their hero in this year summer collection. For those who want to make their summer style a bit more “dolce” Royal Present Embroidery harvested the stylish fruit. Machine Embroidery Design Pineapple like Dolce and Gabbana make high-end fashion trend closer to all fashionistas out there. Whether pineapple is here […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Strawberry Wreath

Traditional wreaths on the entrance door have long tradition and symbolism. They can be uniquely combined with the embroidered designs on fabric. If you regularly change the theme of an entrance wreath, then house blinds, cloths and napkins will elegantly add the corresponding style to it. Of course, such design can be also used regardless […]

Cutwork machine embroidery designs, Richelieu embroidery

The most sophisticated dandies and ladies are definitely in the know about trend. Cutwork machine embroidery designs also known as Richelieu or whitework allows you to decorate your clothes with beautiful openwork patterns. These clothes with “Richelieu” arguably appear now and then on the catwalks of international shows. Chiefly in the last season they have […]

Machine Embroidery Design Hummingbird – 2 sizes

Who wouldn’t want to be able to make any winter day feel like a sweet summer vacation? Imagine colorless snow turning into whitewash sand of tropical beaches and snowflakes blooming into lush flowers! Don’t forget about exotic birds, radiant colors of peregrine greenery and golden sun of faraway paradises too! An art of erasing January’s […]

Oriental Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Paisley – 4 sizes

«Shine bright like a diamond!”… Oriental Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Paisley rephrases the lyrics, claiming all of the shine to itself. Who doesn’t love to don some glamorous sparkle now and then? Crystals and beads, studs and gems – there’re so many shiny things, which are favored by every fashion designer this year. Zuhair Murad, […]

Machine embroidery design Romantic Pansies Floral Garland – 2 sizes

Any festive table should be a happy, cheerful place. We’re not talking just about the food in this case. The setting, be it tablescape or general décor, plays as much of a role as anything else. However, with so many various holidays to enjoy, it’s difficult to find one textile decoration suitable for each of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Decorative angel wing – 4 sizes

It’s such a shame that we can fly only in our dreams! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to don a pair of wings from time to time and just soar above clouds? No traffic, no worries – just freedom of flight and mischievous air in your hair… That could be most magical experience ever! And let’s […]