Machine Embroidery Design Cute duckling – 3 sizes

Parents are fond of decorating clothes and toys of their beloved kids with lovely embroidered drawings. This machine embroidery design Cute Duckling is available for this purposes now. Size No. 1. You can decorate child’s pillowcases, a blanket cover, decorative small pillows of the child with this large size embroidery. The picture will wonderfully look […]

Machine Embroidery Design Jesus Icon

You see here before you JESUS ICON, or more precisely, Christ Pantocrator. It is considered the most important in Orthodox iconography and is revered by millions of believers. The Savior is presented here as a stern but fair judge and defender of righteous men before the Lord. People pray to him, asking for help or […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful ornate cross – 2 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful ornate cross contains very dense stitches. The most space of the image is filled by the beautiful gold Madeira Classic 1068 thread for embroidery. To frame and fill the curls of the cross we used a contrasting color of thread. You will be able independently to pick up both colours […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold ornate cross – 2 sizes

For every little angel, the rite of baptism is the first significant event. Naturally, if you baptize a child at a very early age, it won`t be remembered by him, but still photos, christening clothes and icons left by the parents will remind him. Preparing for such an important event, every parents and godparents try […]

Machine Embroidery Design Floral vignette – 2 sizes

When regal elegance meets gentle fairness a true masterpiece is born. The iris, a beautiful flower, named after ancient goddess of rainbow is a child of such blessed marriage. We welcome you to marvel at beauty of white irises, intertwined into a lovely flowery wreath of Machine Embroidery Design Floral Vignette. Dwell in the soul […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Peacock – 6 sizes

It won’t be long till luscious chic of winter furs and warm fabrics of heavier character will melt away completely revealing airy vibrant feathers of all the gorgeous birds flocking cities, towns and beyond. Yes, this spring fashion trends truly are a bliss for inner ornithologists of our hearts. If wings of your fashionista spirit […]

Machine Embroidery Design Red Lips – 5 sizes

The red as a color is such a Bermuda’s triangle for designers. Karl Lagerfeld even said once, that all his life is the search of the perfect red…or something. Well, dear Karl, you are not alone in it. Ives Saint Laurent, probably enchanted by the famous dreamy kiss of Marilyn (oh, that would be magic […]

Machine Embroidery Design Purple pansy viola flowers – 2 sizes

What unites floriculturists with embroidery artists? For once, they devote their lives to florescent beauty, but that is only one of their many shared characteristics. While ones revere the fragrant nature’s gems on flowerbeds, pots and planters in the yards, the other celebrate blooming treasures in their exquisite thread and needle masterpieces. Both have an […]

Machine Embroidery Design Coast – 3 sizes

Freshness of salty air, long walks along the shores, washed by ever persistent waves, and warm, mischievous wind dancing in your hair is all you need for the tranquil paradise of summer rest at the seaside. They say that best souvenirs of really joyful holidays are not bought in gift shops, but created in collaboration […]

Machine Embroidery Design Marine Blank Monogram

It doesn’t matter if there are cheerful snowflakes dancing behind the windows or luscious greenery waiting to get precious aurification from the sun, the need of vitamin “sea” is ever present in our minds. Whether you take you dose from boating, lounging on the deck of your beach house or just from contemplating vibrant fish […]

Machine Embroidery Design Anchor – 2 sizes

Though there are still days and even weeks for the summer to officially arrive, the beaming sun, like a mischievous golden pirate, has already started making quite unabashed sneak picks on our daily grind, undermining our working mood with its aestival fun-on-the-beach mutinies. Bored with last stocks of bared wintery winds, and emboldened by the […]

Machine embroidery design Two Easter Chicks

What a marvelous sight it is when the sun of the glorious springtime starts to melt the cold of the last winter memories. The golden warmth of the sun envelops everything around us, nature and the very essence of the being, with its efflorescent and profoundly enlivening delight, with each month of spring being gilded […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold spikelets

Bespoke materials, intricate embroidery, unparallel jewelry and overall errorless style is all what a true princess wedding gown is about. From early ages till this days kings and queens spared no time, effort and, let’s face it, costs to mark the beginning of their “happy ever after”. Decorations of such glorious occasions are most often […]

Purple grapes Machine Embroidery Design

Transparent crystals, soldered with playful and effervescent gold, elegant but pungent rubies and mischievous rosé topazes, bring mirth to every celebration in our life.This ambrosial nectar comes from precious droplets of aestival sun. Trickled from the sky to form glorious, sumptuous cluster on sinuating grapevines all over the world. Listen to the whisper of scalloped […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ornate Cross

A child is a gift from God. It comes as a blessing to be cherished, loved, cared for and taught the right ways to. Parents are not the only teachers in this case. In order for a child to bloom into a beautiful individual, God gives him or her secondary (by all means not in […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ornamental Cross

There are holidays, which bring mirth and joy to our minds, making us laugh and have a good time with our family and friends; but, which do not have a special deeper meaning for our souls and our hearts. Unlike them, celebrations, which are lit with the light of the faith, cast their glorious shine […]

Machine Embroidery Design Royal Peacock

Gorgeous, regal, mesmerizingly beautiful… Adjectives, used for peacocks’ descriptions imbue admiration and reverence, just like the guise of the bird. A vision of such grace, couldn’t escape our artistic attention too. What with the colours, shapes and textures that embroidery borrows from nature’s gems, peacocks give most abundant inspirational ideas for thread-and-needle decorative creations. Royal […]

Chicks machine embroidery design

All believing Christians celebrate the great holiday of Easter. Traditions of the celebration have been preserved since ancient times: Easter cakes, baskets with painted eggs and souvenirs made by own hands. On the day of Easter, people wear new clothes, which symbolizes the onset of spring and the end of bad weather; cover a solemn […]

Machine Embroidery Design Napoleonic bee

This design is original and simple at the same time. It represents prosperity and success, beauty external and internal. The using the bee symbol in this design is not without a purpose. Since the time of Napoleon, when the bee was the personal favorite symbol of the great emperor, it is considered as a symbol […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter Cross with lilies – 2 sizes

At Easter, the whole Christian world celebrates the miraculous Resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this day, people’s hearts are filled with joy and grace. They are, more than ever, able to appreciate the surrounding beauty. If on the occasion of the great holiday you are expecting guests or just gather your family for Easter lunch, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Medusa Gorgon

The head of MEDUSA GORGON as a decorative element is often found in architecture, on ancient household items, clothing and military paraphernalia. The first to wear this “embellishment” was the warlike goddess Athena when she placed the head with snakes on the shield. Her example was followed by Apollo and Zeus, who decorated their armor […]

Machine Embroidery Design Horseshoe Blank Monogram – 2 sizes

Glorious machine embroidery design in two sizes HORSESHOE BLANK MONOGRAM will bring you happiness and big good luck, because the horseshoe has always been considered one of the best mascots. Golden pattern can be used for serviettes, towels, handkerchiefs or other textiles, and in combination with initials of its owner it will be doubly attractive. […]