Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas retro pattern – 3 in 1

Set of Embroidery Designs Christmas retro pattern gathers all the sparklers of the enchanted trail on three filigree strings of a magical starry riviere. This charming design is a sweet delectable representation of most cherished Noel symbol. Bestowed upon furry beauties of Christmas trees by the skies themselves. The precious threads of scintillating lace have […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree decoration

Once upon a time, during the most magical night of the year, a gorgeous Christmas tree became a venue where wonderful marvels of love and courage happened. A beautiful prince, enchanted into an awkward wooden doll, with the help of his fearless sweetheart, broke the spell. Verdurous furry laps, embellished with exquisite ornaments and garlands. […]

Textile in interior design: soft finery for every interior style

Textile adornment of interiors fulfills duties both of beautification and comfort. It brings out every home’s character, highlighting and completing its style. That is why it is essential to assemble the right quality, texture and pattern in a harmonious unison. This article will unravel positive and negative sides of most popular fabric types. Natural fabrics […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Cute penguins

Machine Embroidery Designs Cute penguins is a set of 5 designs. They are suitable for children and adults with good sense of humor and open nature. “Madagascar is a wonderful region, full of sunshine and bright exotic colors even during December period. The only shadow dimming this paradisial place is that Christmas is devoid of […]

Christmas Machine Embroidery Design Poinsettia border

Unusually realistic flowers are presented in Christmas machine embroidery design Poinsettia Border. You can repeat the fragments of this pattern infinitely and create diversity. The more densely the pattern is on the basis, the richer the embroidered item looks. In spite of the fact poinsettias are Christmas flowers, such bouquet of white inflorescences is suitable […]

Getting to know Madeira Avalon stabilizers

Correctly chosen stabilizers make your embroidery design look better on any kind of textile, due to their bracing qualities, preventing the fabric from shifting during the embroidery process. This support is very important because the whole project would be ruined, should the fabric move even a tiniest bit. It is vital for every design to […]

Gutermann Sulky Sliver Metallic Thread

The so-very-much anticipated winter holiday season may not be quite around the corner, but all the merry preparations have already stirred our minds. The house decoration, table covers’ embellishments, throw pillows’ and cushions’ adornments embrace our minds’ eye with joyous thrill. May be this year’s holiday presents will mesmerize with wonderful embroidery, lovingly put on […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree toy – 3 sizes

There is always one special Christmas ornament, which represents the charming essence of glorious winter holidays, with all its bubbling festivity and warmth of family evenings. It could be a curio, passed from generation to generation. Or a trifle, given to you by Santa and his assiduous elves from the nearest mall, or else, it […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas candy – 3 sizes

During the Christmastide we traditionally create a festive atmosphere at home: hang garlands, cut out snowflakes, bring in boxes with bells, candles and wreaths, and of course, decorate a beautiful Christmas tree. Traditional decoration also includes special stockings that Santa Claus can fill with treats, coins or small toys. You can decorate the stocking with […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Star – 3 sizes

Holidays of the snowy season are anticipated by people around the world. The whole feel of the festive days is about sparkles of delight and warmth of merry spirits. It is also the polish of decorations that add to the joyful atmosphere. Homes, adorned with pieces, bearing tokens of festivities, swirl everybody in the jovial […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas corner – 2 sizes

Needlework items, personal wear or pieces of linen, are cherished by everyone, because they enfold us in atmosphere of snowy miracles, providing softness and graceful feel. Machine Embroidery Design Christmas corner emits every bit of elfin vibe together with stylish sparkle. This pattern, coming in two sizes, is able to cater finished festive look for […]

Unicorn Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

One of the mythical symbols, popular in the modern world, is represented in a collection of computer embroidery now. For pleasure of the fans of this image it is offered in a wide size’s assortment. It gives the chance to receive Unicorn machine embroidery design making only one purchase! The unicorn is a mythological creature […]

Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Red bird, poinsettia flower

Royal Present Embroidery presents an excellent set of Christmas machine embroidery designs “Red bird, Poinsettia flower”. Poinsettia appears on the shelves of flower shops just in time for the Christmas holidays, because in December it comes into leaves of various colors, which many mistake for flowers. Bright red, pink, white veined leaves appear when most […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Funny dancing penguins – 5 in 1

Funny dancing penguins is a set of 5 designs for machine embroidery. They are suitable for children and adults with good sense of humor and open nature. Penguins are very unusual birds: they absolutely cannot fly, but swim and dive well. In wildlife penguins don’t dance, of course, but they love sliding on snow. The […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate frame – 2 sizes

One-color needlework certainly graces any piece of linen with delicate sophistication.  Items embellished in such way become memorable presents and luxurious attributes of one’s style. Machine embroidery design featuring Vintage ornate frame could surely become central theme for many occasions. Wedding gifts require unique articles which will express Godspeed wishes to the couple. Proper present […]

Machine Embroidery Design Three funny polar bears – 3 sizes

Machine embroidery design Three funny polar bears is an excellent decoration for Christmas and New Year. It is perfect for festive table setting: for tablecloths or serviettes. Three merry fellows in colorful hats and scarves, dancing and playing the trumpet, will bring a good mood to all sitting at the Banquet table.

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Beautiful Swan – 2 sizes

Machine embroidery design Lace beautiful swan will help you to create amazing patterns of swans on the celebration textiles: tablecloths, serviettes, decorative furniture covers. Intricate delicate pattern will demonstrate not only embroiderer’s skills, but also her impeccable taste.

Machine Embroidery Design Blank Monogram heart – 2 sizes

This machine embroidery design in the shape of hearts is a sumptuous and very romantic frame, decorated with ornate floral ornament. In the center there is free space for a monogram or a small symbolic image. There are complex monograms consisting of the names of two people. The letters can be intertwined, decorated with fancy […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Swan – 2 sizes

Machine embroidery design Lace Swan is an example of a filigree pattern for embroidery. Its fine intricate lines reinforce the impression of the picture – the white bird with widely open wings, ready to fly up to the clouds at any moment. The body of “Lace Swan” is to be embroidered with floral patterns, which […]

Machine Embroidery Design Two owls on a branch in Santa hats – 2 sizes

The series of Christmas machine embroidery designs from Royal Present Embroidery includes a cute picture of “OWLS ON A BRANCH IN SANTA HATS”. Two lovely owlets, pressed against each other, sit on a branch wearing funny outfits: one has a red cap of Santa Claus on, the other’s put on attributes of the Christmas deer. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Santa Claus and reindeer – 2 sizes

“Santa Claus and Reindeer” pattern is quite difficult even for embroidery machines. If you want the finished picture to be like the one on the screen, choose a design from Royal Present Embroidery. High precision of image digitizing will help you to create perfect embroidery. Designs for machine embroidery about the winter holydays are represented on the website in great variety.