Machine Embroidery Design Family of owls – 2 sizes

This embroidery design Christmas owls has been tested and reviewed to ensure top quality. Test stitch the design, or portions of it, before stitching it onto your final item, as results may vary depending on fabric and stabilizer combination. With the arrival of cold weather we search our closets for winter clothing: woolen sweaters, hats, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Corner – 3 sizes

So graceful and captivating, exquisite lace delights with its charm, adds softness and romance to anything it goes with. Artfully intertwined motifs are wonderful decoration for diverse textiles. If you’ve always liked such crafty patterns, Machine Embroidery Design Lace Corner will be good for you. It can adorn handkerchiefs, towels, napkins, tablecloths or lightweight drapes. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Christmas Owls and bird – 2 sizes

CUTE CHRISTMAS OWLS AND BIRD will gladly adorn your house for Christmas and the New Year. This sweet winter design is as suitable for interior embroidery as for decorating children’s and adult festive clothing. Lovely dressed up birds will create wonderful mood and will be met with big smiles in any company. What miracles do […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas owls – 2 sizes

All fans of cute and touching stories will like machine embroidery design CHRISTMAS OWLS. This winter picture is very romantic: two charming owls are settled on a snowy branch and, huddling up, warm each other. Such a dense multicolored pattern can be placed on a variety of home textiles, thereby to bring the interior softness […]

Machine Embroidery Design Indian monogram blank – 3 sizes

Ornate Machine Embroidery Design Indian monogram blank has prominent traits of national character, but undoubtedly refers to the classic style. This exquisite pattern is so fascinating, that you want to look at it again and again, following the florid lines. To Europe Indian patterns came with merchants, who brought jewels, expensive spices and luxurious fabrics […]

Machine Embroidery Design Elephants

The elephant is the largest land animal. Different cultures ascribe to him wisdom and kindness. In stories this giant has traditionally acted as a fair ruler of the animal kingdom and a reconciler of conflicts. ELEPHANTS are creatures that are able to experience and express emotions, for example, to be happy or sad. They have […]

Machine Embroidery Design Damask monogram Blank – 2 sizes

Refined Machine Embroidery Design Damask monogram Blank will appeal to admirers of timeless classics. With the help of embroidery machines this tasteful design can adorn any textile which you would like to see your monogram on or what is going to be presented as a gift. One of the most popular, damask pattern has long […]

Machine Embroidery Design Born to be rock star – 2 sizes

BORN TO BE ROCK STAR is a design for active, self-confident people who love rock music and are ready to tell the world about it. Rock music appeared not so long ago, in the 50-ies of XX century, but its influence on people over the years was so incredible that it can be compared to […]

Machine Embroidery Design Round Blank Monogram – 2 sizes

Classic and unusual in one, Machine Embroidery Design Round Blank Monogram attracts attention with its interesting implementation: it is asymmetrical in horizontal plane and looks as if divided in two. In the lower part the frame is richly decorated with lacy patterns that mimic floral ornament. Which doesn’t dominate in the upper half. This machine […]

Machine Embroidery Design Round floral frame – 3 sizes

Luxurious machine embroidery design ROUND FLORAL FRAME is ideal for framing capital letters of female name. Ornate, but at the same time confident and clear, the pattern is most suitable for passionate, decisive, preferring to be in the thick of things natures, but romantic and dreamy at heart as all women. Lush gorgeous ornaments will […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Peacock – 4 sizes

The peacock is a graceful, majestic bird, one of the most beautiful on the planet. Nature has endowed it with striking decoration in the shape of a tail with long eyespot feathers. Which opens as a fan and dazzles the senses. Incomparable machine embroidery design BEAUTIFUL PEACOCK looks as if specially created to be framed […]

Free Inscription Hers Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

The Free Inscription Hers Machine Embroidery Design in beautiful calligraphic font is designed especially for women’s textiles. These are, for instance, towels, serviettes, decorative cushions or a side of sheets on which SHE sleeps. The word in a smaller size is suitable for pillowcases, and in a bigger one – for sheets and duvet covers. […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Filbert – Chestnut – Acorn

Machine Embroidery Designs Filbert – Chestnut – Acorn, made in the same style, will look wonderful in the kit on kitchen textiles. Small in size, the patterns would look perfect at the corners of tablecloths and napkins; they can also decorate kitchen towels. The fruits, which we call nuts and eat, are not as simple […]

Machine embroidery design Chameleon – 3 sizes

Recommendation: Use a white cloth Unusual multicolor Machine embroidery design Chameleon will be good on any clothes. The translucent picture will look fine on white or black and even colored things. Available in three sizes, the embroidery can be placed, for example, on the back of a denim jacket or shirt, on its front or […]

Machine Embroidery Design Wedding Monogram Blank – 3 sizes

Gorgeous Machine Embroidery Design Wedding Monogram Blank in the shape of a heart with a pair of doves would be perfect as a romantic embellishment. In such a frame the first letters of the future spouses’ names will be an exquisite adornment for the wedding day textile. Wedding is one of the most significant and […]

Christmas Shining Snowflake Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

A small miracle, a unique creation, invented by nature is a snowflake. Everyone knows that it consists of ice crystals. Snowflakes do not resemble each other. They can be openwork, similar to lace; others are unpretentious, with simple patterns. They are like our collection of machine embroidery designs “Snowflakes”. Christmas Shining Snowflake Machine Embroidery Design is made […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Winter snowflakes

We want to present you an incredible collection of snowflakes. Each design is unique and unusual in its own way. Each snowflake carries its own special aesthetic content. Machine embroidery designs Winter Snowflakes from Royal Present will help to realize your winter and warm projects. Such thematic embroidery will become a bright element of the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Black Olives – 2 sizes

An olive branch is a well-known symbol of peace, but this plant is respected primarily for its nutritional value. People use olive fruits to make oil, rich in vitamins and microelements, and also preserve and can them to send to most remote countries. Machine Embroidery Design Black Olives will decorate textiles for kitchen and dining […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cherry cupcake

A cute Machine Embroidery Design Cherry cupcake to decorate tablecloths, serving napkins and towels. Be careful, sweet tooth! CHERRY CUPCAKE on kitchen textile will be so similar to a real one that you will want to taste it. Cakes represent sweet pastry from biscuit dough, often with filler of fruit, berries or nuts. In different […]