Month: August 2016

Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Pumpkins

Beautiful pumpkins, nestling in a florid wreath of blooming fragrant florets, would infuse the atmosphere with spicy flavor of earthy nutmeg. Undercut by exotic combination of cinnamon and floral enchantments. …

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Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design Cyclamen

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design Cyclamen is an artistic portrayal of the dainty flowers, which exquisitely amplifies their ethereal balminess through vintage softness of peculiar stitching articulation. Amethystine efflorescence, ever so …

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Machine embroidery design Pumpkin

In this Machine embroidery design, a big red and orange Pumpkin, golden wheat stems, green leaves and a scarlet maple leaf make a flawless autumn palette. Thus, the design is …

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