Machine Embroidery Design Lovely cupcake

Our collection of culinary masterpieces got another sweet design. Machine Embroidery Design Lovely cupcake will be just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you are going to cook dinner for two and spend the cozy evening at home, think about an appropriate decoration. Cute cupcake with hearts as a table textiles’ adornment will be perfectly […]

Corner Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers

Corner Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers evokes joyful memories of hot summer days when the sun shines from early morning to late evening, and nature blooms with bright colors. Yellow-orange blossoms framed by green leaves will be a wonderful decoration for table textiles. It would be great to place the pattern in the corners of a […]

Machine Embroidery Design Royal Bee | Napoleonic bee

Bees are hardworking and selfless creatures who know no doubt and no fear. They live in highly organized society, where each one takes its place and performs the designated function. The bee hive may exist for decades and seem quite the same, while changing hundreds of generations of its inhabitants. No wonder that these amazing […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas lanterns – 4 sizes

On the most marvelous night of the year, when the magical sleigh is whooshing in the sky, it is duty of tiny twinkles of our windows’ lights to show Santa where to steer. Not so long ago lanterns, with flickering lights shimmering merrily from a distance afar, were St. Nick’s beacon lights but, with the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rooster in a thicket of sunflowers

Have you ever get lost in picturesque dreams about living somewhere far from the hustle of big-city life? Waking up to a rooster rather than traffic noise, breathing fragrance of blooming nature… What can be better? Shame that your favorite coffee shop’s just around the corner! And your work’s in the downtown too! Hence any […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas dessert

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas dessert with a cherry and a charming bow will adorn home textiles and create a wonderful festive mood. This machine embroidery design boasts of bright, rich colors, and will look especially good on a neutral light background. Expressive colors won’t let Machine Embroidery Design Christmas dessert get lost among the other […]

Machine Embroidery Design I Love You inscription – 2 sizes

In the machine embroidery design I Love You inscription there are only three words and two colors of thread. But how many emotions and warmth can you transfer by such work to those whom it is intended! Three eternal words hide the huge power of tenderness and passion. The magic strength of influence is in […]

Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Lace Roses

Delicate, graceful and classy – Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Lace Roses is everything that you ever wanted from a floral decorative pattern. Make it part of your embroidery patterns collection and enjoy its most fascinating adorning virtues! Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Lace Roses is one the most popular motives of the lace collection […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rooster in a thicket of flowers – 2 sizes

Blessed is that urban dweller, who finds relief from never-ending traffic and noise of the city in sweet rural retreats. Be it hacienda, cottage or even a simple farm, a little sip of refreshing nature is always a treat! Aroma of real flowers in the air, mirthful chirping of birds and blissful tranquility of trees […]

Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Pumpkins

Beautiful pumpkins, nestling in a florid wreath of blooming fragrant florets, would infuse the atmosphere with spicy flavor of earthy nutmeg. Undercut by exotic combination of cinnamon and floral enchantments. Homey feel of lush honey-soaked silkiness of pumpkin pies. Oozing from the auburn beauties, is intertwined with the august dignity of gorgeous efflorescence. Autumn holidays […]

Machine Embroidery Design Smiling Halloween – 2 sizes

A real Halloween lover will never ask if it is already time to paint the town orange and black: they do (despite the judging look of the neighbors) it even before the shops start to make room for all the ghoulish merchandise. There are so many spooky things to figure out, devise and fashion, that […]

Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Pumpkin

It is not only gilded rubies of maple leaves that are interwoven into the glorious crown of autumn queen. Abundance of colorful gems, soldered into the regal tiara, is truly magnificent. The nonpareil finery is aflame with blooming colors of fruits and vegetables, which ripen during this opulent season, with the most resplendent one being […]

Machine Embroidery Design Fall Pumpkin

What is the savor of the fall? It is not efflorescent lightness and airiness of spring or stark crispness of winter. Autumn smells of bitter-sweet cuddliness of fallen leaves, enveloping everything around with mellowed calmness and tenderness. The whole essence of this glorious season is comprised of sweet and spicy smell of cinnamon and clove. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Autumn Pumpkin Halloween

When summer heat has mellowed and golden aura of autumn days gets more and more tangible, our minds become enveloped with anticipation of most favored holidays of the season: Halloween and Thanksgiving Day. Early on we start to contemplate costumes and house decorations, secretly hoping that this year’s Jack-o’-lantern would be even better than the […]

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design Cyclamen

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design Cyclamen is an artistic portrayal of the dainty flowers, which exquisitely amplifies their ethereal balminess through vintage softness of peculiar stitching articulation. Amethystine efflorescence, ever so softly surrendering its ardor into an ombre of ivory cream luster, is delightfully highlighted by the matching heart-shaped pendant, a refined and luxurious echo of […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Autumn Pumpkin

Halloween is surely over, but you can stretch the holiday vibe right into the next big celebrative occasion. Free Machine Embroidery Design Autumn Pumpkin brings fall’s best colors to your Thanksgiving table. It’s November and Christmas countdown is yet to start because we have lots of thanks to give to this year. So many projects […]

Happy Halloween Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Cool design for Happy Halloween Machine Embroidery Design will make your costume unique. A couple of big slanted yellow eyes and sinister smile of Jack-o-lantern will look fabulous on black clothes, for example, on a t-shirt, jacket, or carnival hoodie for the joyful celebration. Despite the fact that Halloween is related to evil spirits and […]

Machine embroidery design Cute Pumpkin

This Machine embroidery design Cute Pumpkin is the personification of a warm sunny autumn on the one side, and the symbol of Halloween on the other. It is suitable for decoration of autumn textile in your house. Also, it can help to create mysterious atmosphere on Halloween celebration. It is the holiday, which rooted in […]

Machine embroidery design Pumpkin

In this Machine embroidery design, a big red and orange Pumpkin, golden wheat stems, green leaves and a scarlet maple leaf make a flawless autumn palette. Thus, the design is a perfect choice if the project concerns the upcoming autumn festivities. Thanksgiving Day in America or Harvest Festivals in Europe — in both cases the […]