Machine Embroidery Design Classic corner decor – 3 sizes

Any self-respecting person with a sense of taste should always strive for beauty. Beauty in the life of such a person must be present in everything. A true esthete is constantly looking for ways to achieve maximum attraction in all areas of life. He tries to look absolutely and of the same perfection demands to […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage baroque ornament

The era of “baroque” did not pass for humanity for nothing. She taught people the excellent style, luxurious dresses, amazing architectural structures with rich luxurious elements, and elegant embroidered artistry. Now the Baroque style is gaining popularity again, penetrating into all spheres of our life. Architecture, clothing, accessories, sewing, embroidery and needlework shake us with […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rabbit

Look who came to pay you a visit! Who is that sneaky large-eared little buddy, looking at you from around the corner? It looks like he’s intending to invite you to some sort of a magical adventure… Royal Present is proud to present you the machine embroidery design Rabbit, from the series of rabbit embroidery […]

Embroidery Backings & Toppings Stabilizers

Embroidery stabilizers’ nature and use When mastering the notion of stabilizers’ use one should distinguish between its positioning in regard to the embroidered-to-be textile. The helping material could be place on top of the fabric (embroidery topping), or underneath it (embroidery backing). The main difference between them, besides placement regard, lays in the cause of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ottoman ornament

It’s no secret that the possibilities of modern embroidery are much wider than those of our ancestors of needlewomen. Thanks to the technique of machine embroidery, we can have incredible and amazing ornaments that are admired by their intricate shapes and various colors. For example, Machine Embroidery Design Ottoman ornament is really different for its unusual […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Marine Fish

Nautical theme in interior is one of the most popular decorative styles. When done correctly, it has perfect combination of comfort, elegance and “whimsy”. As the sea is abundant with marvelous treasures, so does the nautical style with its variations. But one has to be careful when telling gorgeous “pearls” from the mere “sea weed”. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Round blue ornament – 2 sizes

Two sweet, yet elegant round blue ornament machine embroidery designs can spruce up your home all year round. Napkins for big family feasts, smart bedding sets and other decorative textiles will love some delicate charm of this pattern. Decorate to your heart’s content and make it with style too. Now winter can turn into spring and vice versa because of the magic of round blue ornament. When enriched with the flair of Noel this pattern turns into an adorable snowflake. When May brings its fragrant charm to the environs, this snowflake can turn into a delightfully cute little flower. Decorative magic of such kind cannot be just missed!

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage cornflowers – 2 sizes

Floral machine embroidery designs, digitized from vintage postcards or book illustrations, differ from modern ones. They seem more romantic and gentle. Similar patterns could decorate the things of ladies from past centuries, that’s why they are so attractive. VINTAGE CORNFLOWERS design has a crescent shape that makes it ideal for clothes. It can complement the v-line of women’s blouse or dress, so you don’t need any other neck jewelry.

Machine Embroidery Design Spider – 4 sizes

The stylized spider looks like a tattoo. Its lines are clear and ornate at the same time. It is suitable for men’s clothing – shirts, sweaters, jackets. It can also be used for women’s clothing, if such a wild symbol matches the character of the owner.

Computerized Embroidery

Computerized Embroidery (a.k.a. machine embroidery) is a type of embroidery done by special embroidery machines according to a pre-made design in a computer program. Compared to hand embroidery, computer embroidery is relatively new. The first embroidery machine appeared in France in 1821. Also in France, the Geylman machine made a huge splash at the exhibition […]

Machine Embroidery Design Dogs

The machine embroidery design Dogs with the words Be unique has not only a funny meaning, but also psychological. Everyone wants to be not like the others and to be better. The nature has created us unique, but education and society brush us to standards. As a result, we often lose our unique identity. This […]