Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate border

Roses have been leaving their exquisite essence of romance and beauty through ages on end. This delicate flower conquered kings and queens, making them stop wars and make it their emblem. Its enchanting image is mentioned both in factual documents bestowing upon it magical powers. Greatest of poets were inspired by loveliness of this flower’s […]

Machine Embroidery Design Border Towel

Embroidery is now very popular and is widely used in various fields of human life. Such popularity is quite predictable. As it is able to decorate anything and give originality. Many women use embroidery to create their own individual style in clothes, decorating a home interior. If you decide to transform your home with embroidery, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ornamental floral background – 3 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Ornamental floral background is perfect for textiles of square shape, be it a cushion, pillow case, napkins or tea towels. Also, such patterns for embroidery machines easy turn into a wide border, or the infinite canvas. The motif is exemplary symmetrical, so it can be repeated many times without fear of ruining the […]

FREE Machine Embroidery Design Monogram Z

Free machine embroidery design Monogram Z is presented on the website in golden color. Small florets in this sample are lilac. Of course, you can make this monogram in any other colours. To get this refined sign only two colors of threat are required. Depending on where and what you place it, you can vary […]

Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Red Hungarian folk art

Nobody doubts that the skill of embroidery has an ancient history. Moreover, it carries this more than one century. Since the creation of the first embroidery, really much has changed. Some states have disappeared and others have appeared. Many useful and not so many things have been invented. Many objects have been forgotten. And all […]

Machine Embroidery Design Red Hungarian folk art – 2 sizes

The bright, noticeable embroidery with national color will become an excellent ornament in any house. The machine embroidery design Red Hungarian Folk Art is executed by one color of thread. Anyway, its brightness will surpass any multi-color drawing. The pattern’s fragment consists of a triangular figure and this allows to make various combinations of ornaments. […]

Traditional Hungarian Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Floral embroidery designs are ever in and out fashion things. With a new bohemian tide of fashionistas’ preference flowers in bold and delicate framing are welcomed more and more. Floral needlework asked for most often is the one with folklore color to it. There should be motives of magical flowers, ample in hue and outlines, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Hungarian folk art – 2 sizes

 Fashion’s surely going through its “spring” phase, because, thanks to the heavens, folk trend’s being on the rise once again. Yes, fashionistas around the world, you can rejoice for this trend is probably one of the most budget-friendly ones. Why? Well, because some of the on-point pieces are already “hidden” in your home. All you […]

Kalocsai Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

It is well-known that art of needlework is improved when masters study secrets of national embroideries and introduce them in their work. The Kalocsai machine embroidery design – 2 sizes will allow you to discover secrets of Hungarian embroideresses. This bright ornament and technology of satin stitch embroidery will develop skills of the performer. Besides, […]

Daisies Machine Embroidery Designs

Today, embroidery makes it possible to create exclusive clothes which underlined your personality and extravagance. By the way you can see patterns from multi-colored embroidery in collections of the well-known fashion houses. They decorate with everything – dresses, blouses, trousers and skirts, coats, bags and even – shoes. Fashion experts say that the most fashionable […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Daisy

Daisy is a universal symbol of kindness, warmth and sincerity. People appreciate it for a lot of useful properties and soft charm inherent to wild flowers. Even a single daisy can make a sad person smile, so be sure to “settle” this flower at home. To do this, use Free Machine Embroidery Design Daisy. Of […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Daisies | Embroidering on sweatshirts

What is it with daisies that make everyone feel just so incredibly brightened up? Is it the fact that they are practically made of aromatic rays of sunshine? Is it their fresh colours and luminous grace? For a better answer one can ask Meg Ryan, what with her fascination with daisies in “You’ve Got Mail” […]

Daffodils Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design

Let us look more closely around! Leaving the walls of a high-rise building, clarity and severity in the decision of a furniture set … Ideal straight lines, the triumph of modern materials … Such is the style – close and understandable to the modern person. All this in its own way is beautiful, laconic, and […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Under Sea

There’s nothing like enjoying a good doze of vitamin sea during carefree summer vacations! From white sand on the beach to a blue lagoon in your hand to pink cocktail shrimps on your plate – sea in all its forms, colors and shapes is what makes sunny holidays be really bright! This year we invite […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Rooster, Hen and Chicks

Machine Embroidery Designs Rooster Hen and Chicks These light, vintage-style designs are tasty on kitchen towels! They are sure to add country charm and a classic look to your kitchen décor. Hoop size: 140×140 mm ≈5.5 x 5.5 inches & 200×200 mm ≈7.9 x 7.9 inches Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cornflowers

Cornflowers are an unbridled flower. Nobody knows how it appeared reliably, but legends about it are audible everywhere. Furthermore, such flower is a mystification of Greek, Russian and Belarus culture. For example, in Russian mythology, a legend says that in some village there lived a widow with his only one son Basil. He was hardworking […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Winged Angel – 2 sizes

Coco Chanel used to say that if you’re born without wings at least do nothing to prevent them from growing. Wise woman she was, and very stylish too. So, it would be only proper to venerate her saying by implementing it in one of the realms of fashion. In interior design to be more precise. […]

Machine Embroidery Design ballerina

Ballet is quite a demanding form of art. Its beauty owes much to the hard work and gusto that dancers put into it, all of which can thrive only in according environment. A swan, after all, can be graceful only if it can let its wings rest in a beautiful nest. Now ballet dancers need […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Purple flower

We have a new design in our collection. This purple flower is so tender and magnificent that you can`t miss it. Using the purple color in the interior is common and widespread. It`s because this color is a symbol of well-being, calmness and relaxation. Some psychologists think that all colors have good or bad influence […]