Floral monogram embroidery design letter M

Floral monogram embroidery design letter M Elegant Floral Initials alphabet has an amazing fresh look and is awesome for decorating gentle, elegant linens, ladies items & fashion accessories. For example – bed linens, napkins, purses, eyeglass cases, cosmetic cases. Will also look great on ring bearer pillows, guest towels and babies stuff. Hoop size 130×180 […]

Machine Embroidery Design Star of David

Machine embroidery design STAR OF DAVID is not just a beautiful pattern, able to transform the most ordinary thing, but also the ancient symbol, filled with deep meaning. In the modern world it is known as an emblem of the state of Israel, it is even present on the flag of this country.

Machine Embroidery Design Bull head – 2 sizes

Defiant Machine Embroidery Design Bull head is ideal to adorn men’s clothing. It would look cool as on a light t-shirt, so on a denim jacket. The bull, or buffalo, is an ancient symbol that embodies vitality, strength and male fertility, it is very masculine. It was revered in many cultures and even got a […]

Machine Embroidery Design Formidable monkey in a crown

This FORMIDABLE MONKEY IN A CROWN is a big gorilla – a genus known to be the largest of primates. Remarkably for monkeys, in height they are not smaller than a grown man. By weight, males can reach 250 kg, and they have highly developed muscles and enormous power. Such a giant can be called […]

Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Chinese – 4 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Chinese unusual and very attractive. This gorgeous design for machine embroidery is meant to be in plain sight, because such beauty should be admired by many people. Place it on your favorite textile, or create a painting that would look great in a frame. Peacocks are perhaps the most beautiful existing […]

Machine Embroidery Design Monogram P

Monograms served earlier and serve now to those people that wish to leave a mark on their things. This habit was previously peculiar only to the higher classes of the aristocracy, and now everyone can use monograms. Moreover, such a gesture will emphasize your self-esteem and moderate pride for yourself or for your kind. Monogram […]