Machine Embroidery Design Russian Folk Strawberries Khokhloma style

Colorful, lush design called Russian Folk Strawberries Khokhloma style will adorn various textiles. The motif can be combined into a wide border with the help of which you will create a true piece of art in the Russian style. The left Bank of the Volga river in Nizhny Novgorod region. This city was once considered […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cross with bow

For each baby the first significant event after birth is the christening. After a special christening ritual, the baby has his guardian angel, who will protect him from troubles and help at a difficult hour. Naturally, parents, grandparents, and other relatives of the baby prepare for this important event in advance. An important element of […]

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Designs Roses

We have a new design in our collection. These two roses are extremely tender and romantic. If you like using embroidery roses and want to decorate something you should definitely buy it. Rose is a recognized as a queen of flowers. Perhaps there are no more flowers that have such variety of meanings. For the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Russian Folk Flowers – 2 sizes

The richness of Russian culture is known far beyond its borders. Decorative arts, sometimes highly professional, sometimes naive, take a special place in the hearts of people and have many varieties. Themes of national crafts and their manners of execution can differ so much. Because Russia is a country with vast territory, multiethnic diverse population, […]

Seashell Machine Embroidery Design

A seashell is probably the most popular keepsake to bring from vacation. Small and large shells of sea creatures take their places of honor at home to remind of summer holidays. Seashell Machine Embroidery Design from Royal Present Embroidery would serve the same purpose: wherever you place the embroidery, at the mere sight of it your imagination […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Fleur de lis

It’s hard to imagine a blossom as elegant and noble as a lily flower. Back in the times immemorial that fragrant little coquette started attracting a great deal of attention. She progressed quickly from a humble flower into one of the most famous regal symbols in Europe. In France white lilies represented the Bourbon dynasty. […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Polish Folk roses

A set of luxurious colorful Machine Embroidery Designs Polish Folk roses, inspired by Polish folklore. Can be used with each other or separately to decorate clothing or home textiles. POLISH FOLK ROSES is an example of wonderful łowicz embroidery, which is well known throughout the world for its beauty. Łowicz is located in the heart […]

Machine embroidery design Shell

A seashell is probably the most popular keepsake to bring from vacation. Small and large shells of sea creatures take their places of honor at home to remind of summer holidays. Machine embroidery design Shell from Royal Present Embroidery would serve the same purpose: wherever you place the embroidery, at the mere sight of it […]

Machine Embroidery Design Summer border

The combination of most recognized wildflowers in Machine Embroidery Design Summer border can color up the place and wake up the summer mood. Fresh vivid colors of embroidery will look great on pastel fabrics. A big red poppy flower, garden daisies and bluets form the most welcomed design for dining-room or can become highlights in […]

Grapes machine embroidery designs set

For many of us, the need for comfort and coziness is one of the important life priorities. To meet these needs, we deal with our surrounding and work on the interior. To be sure that you are satisfied with interior items, you need to take it on your own. You do not have to learn […]

Machine Embroidery Design Koi Fish by Royal Present Embroidery

Colorful machine embroidery design KOI FISH will appeal to admirers of all the oriental culture and the ancient practice of space organization, called Feng Shui, in particular. A pair of carps, settled in your home interior, will be a reliable talisman against misfortune and will attract prosperity to the family. Eastern people have faith in […]

Purple flowers Cross-stitch Machine embroidery design

For several centuries the world has admired the technique of machine embroidery. Over time, this occupation has become available literally to every person. Needlewomen. Which have an embroidery machine are in the winning position. On our website you can find many unique designs. They will add to embroidery process even more fun. The pattern on […]

Machine Embroidery Design Tiger

The machine Embroidery Design Tiger is a popular image for many types of clothes. Besides, this bright and beautiful animal perfectly looks in a room interior. However, the size of this design is small. It is good mainly for decoration of clothes and accessories. But, you can order a bigger tiger if you want to […]

Machine Embroidery Design American Eagle – 3 sizes

A swift shadow of enormous wings, a piercing victorious shriek and a flash of steel hard talons is all what can a man’s eye see when an eagle takes its final plunge for the prey. The majestic bird has a unique fierce beauty, which, combined with his natural intelligence, love for freedom and independence, makes […]

Machine Embroidery Design Black panther – 3 sizes

In the ancient Mayan world the sun transformed into various animals as it made its journey over the great vastness of the sky. In the middle of its path, the sun came to be an eagle, soaring high in the sky, watching over the earth with its piercing eyes. His valor and might protected the […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Beautiful Folk Roses

True art not only does not disappear, but it improves, acquires new forms and surprises with its versatility. All this can be attributed to embroidery, because the centuries-old existence of this craft has proved these qualities. For all its history, the embroidery has suffered many changes. Take at least the initial materials for this case […]