Machine Embroidery Designs Decorative elements

Machine Embroidery Designs Decorative element are very versatile, and simply created for the decoration of home textiles. In addition, it is perfect for machine embroidery studios that are looking for more versatile options. After all, the elements of the set will look great on towels or pillows, as well as on clothes and accessories. Machine […]

Machine Embroidery Design Russian folklore

What do we know about fashion of Russia? Most answers will range from Pavlov-Posad and Matreshka’s floral whimsy to Faberge opulence. With them being enormous part of the whole vogue picture, still they could not define it as the whole. Fashion styles of Russia are as diverse as the land itself. However, it’s the fantastic […]

Black panther head Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Black panther head Machine Embroidery Design will be suitable for many things: children’s, youth’s and adult’s. Such item can become a highlight of clothes and recover their style. The panther’s head can be arranged on a pocket, a back, or a sleeve. In any place the mysterious panther will make an impression and will affect […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Australian Bird

When temperature tells us that a season is changed, there’s only one thing on agenda of every self-confessed fashionista. Yes, you guessed right, everyone, who’s into vogue or at least owns a wardrobe thinks of new favored musts. So, what is on the fashion table this time? This season it is all about nature. Flowers […]

Machine Embroidery Design Skull with axes – 3 sizes

The patches have already experienced one wave of popularity and now again become the trend of the season. A few years ago stripes on clothes were considered an attribute of fans of rock bands and members of various informal trends. Nowadays the patch is the main and very stylish element of the decoration. This decision […]

Machine Embroidery Design Roses

Roses are red… And they are favorites of so many big designers too. Trend brought in by Dolce and Gabbana, has matured and acquired so many variations and interpretations on catwalks and streets. Roses on gowns, on sneakers, if you will, on bags and headwear… It is easy to get lost in this ever-growing fashion […]

Embroidery Design Black panther – 4 sizes

Liquid darkness of the night sky, which gracefully sprang alive from the plunging sun at the end of its road, is what constitutes the essence of a black panther a symbol of might in the divine bestiary. Its savage beauty, regal dignity of its poise and abilities of its majestic body to channel energy of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Red Pocket Cat

Are you searching for ways to bend or “hack” a strict dress code in your office? Are you bored with usual “obvious” stamps on your store bought clothes? Is your imagination looking for some “curious” and “quizzical” ways to declare itself? If you said “yes” to at least one of these questions, than stop what […]

Machine Embroidery Design Heart of roses and orchids

The refined machine embroidery design Heart of Roses and Orchids gives ample opportunities for application. First of all, thanks to a size range, it can decorate the room of any girl. The gentle drawing will organically fit into design of the room, either a newborn baby or a young girl. In the nursery of the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Poppies

With the rise of embroidery on catwalks, its thematic implementation and general articulation have been seeing most spectacular transformations. Traditional stitching techniques managed to come in and out of fashion and, after time, come back yet again astounding us with results. Cross-stitched bikers’ jackets of Alexander McQueen and Richelieu-ed gowns of Roberto Cavalli are only […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Redbreast

Nature has fascinated us since the beginning of time and continues to delight to this day. Riot of colors in nature amazes our minds and excites our emotions. There is no person in this world who would look indifferently at the stunning flowers, which charm with their appearance and smell, or fairy birds fluttering from […]

Easter Machine Embroidery Designs

The popularity of embroidery continues to grow.  Everyone agrees that receiving a hand-crafted gift is equally as pleasant as giving such a gift. Many embroidery artisans start their Easter preparations early, as it’s widely known that careful preparation is the key to success. Embroidered napkins, table cloths, cute throw pillows, hand-decorated eggs, and Easter cake […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rich gold border

One of the oldest kinds of decorative and applied art is embroidery. It is complex, and on the other hand an interesting process of creating patterns of any complexity on the fabric, which from century to century adorns clothing, household items and decor. Machine embroidery is not only a way of decorating, but also self-expression […]

Machine Embroidery Design Russian Traditional Red and Gold bird

Who wouldn’t want to live a fairy tale? Magical creatures making your life feel more interesting, fantastic flowers, magical spells… Ah, what lives would we lived, were at least some of these fascinating things in them! It seems that lately almost all fashion designers think along these same lines. Taking from repeated fairytale infusions in […]

Poinsettia Wreath Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The most peculiar New Year’s flower is presented in Poinsettia Wreath Machine Embroidery Design. If you love the embroidered flowers, then this design will unite everything: the blossoming spring, festive winter and bright summer. The poinsettia’s blossoming on the eve of Christmas brings joyful notes to this holiday. The flowers weaved into wreaths will become […]

Crab Machine Embroidery Design

We have never thought about the meaning of the crab symbol. It is always regarded like interesting unusual and extra-ordinary design. But the symbol of the crab has old long history and plays an important role in a lot of traditions. For example in ancient Chinese culture crab was mythological talisman that embodied noble animal. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Pocket Cat Sphynx

The Sphynx, a cat with long ears without fur, can cause different feelings. Some love them, considering the perfect pets, others literally freeze from such unearthly appearance and prefer not to touch them with bare hands. However, these domestic animals just can’t go unnoticed whatever people think about them. The Machine Embroidery Design Pocket Cat […]

Machine Embroidery Design Green Kingfisher

The design of machine embroidery, which is made in shadow satin stitch technique, is very different from the usual machine embroidery, since its boundaries are not clearly defined. This means that you can apply different shadow effects and make a smooth transition from one color to another. A bright representative of this category is our […]