Free Machine Embroidery Design Birds With Nesting Box

Spring is a time when all alive is awakened: plants produce new shoots, birds lay eggs, the animals awake from their slumber, and a person’s thoughts turn to love. Therefore, spring is a symbol of renewal of life and positive hope for the future. In the representations of Christians, spring is associated with the resurrection […]

Free Machine Embroidery Designs Butterflies

Ancient believes gave birth to wonderful legends about magical creatures, otherworldly places and unbelievable miracles. Not all of such myths survived till modern times, preserving their enchanted character. Because true marvels are too fragile for modern tangible world. One such example, though, still could be found on a sun-kissed island amidst the vastness of the […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Poinsettia Christmas Star

Machine Embroidery Designs Poinsettia Christmas Star is a little girl’s wish which came true.  Embroidery motives of such wonderful character will enhance the aura of any interior with its presents. Courtesy of designers, it is possible to choose from lovely variations of floral images, including glorious blooming heads, with emerald pointy leaves, and a delightful […]

Christmas Wreath Machine Embroidery Design

So it this time of the year again! Holiday tunes again will be spreading cheerful Christmas spirit making us hop along their enchanting tunes! Andy Williams with his marshmallow roasting, Bing Crosby with the holly on the front door… Ah, what a marvelous time indeed! Without those old-time favorites Christmas just wouldn’t be same, right? […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Wreath

Surely there is no one indifferent to Christmas. This holiday in all centuries was one of the most important and significant for each of us. It reminds the bright and warm feelings that you want to share with your loved ones. To this end, almost all people are going to a family house to celebrate […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Garden flowers

You can use this significant Free Machine Embroidery Design Garden flowers in a different ways. First of all it will help to turn your tablecloth or napkins unusual and amazing. It is suitable for families where a good tradition to get together on holidays and weekends is prevailed. Furthermore it is a good idea to place […]

Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

People start their preparation for Christmas long before its coming. We want everything finished and done perfectly. But even so, we often forget about some very important things. For example, how to be original and differ from others. Not to buy what the others buy. Not to look like the rest do. Take a look […]