Border Machine Embroidery Design Pink Roses – 2 sizes

A house without flowers is like a meal without wine… There’s no chic, no style, no flavor to it. Flowers not only add to the decorative part of your home, they also make it feel more inviting and enjoyable. Their luscious touch imbues everything with positive energy and élan. To get a charge of this […]

Machine Embroidery Design Purple floral border

Memories of summer lush, swaying from buoyancy of blooming forestry colors and flowery scents to exotic journeys to lands lurking beyond horizon, help to endure tediousness of more parsimonious seasons. During those tides Nature is resting, leaving us work our hand tailored magic to recreate illusion of aestival magnificent garishness. Splashes of color or eye-catching […]

Digital Embroidery Design Easter Bunny

What is so attractive in Digital Embroidery Design Easter Bunny carries the basket? What is its strength and significance? Easter is the oldest and most important Christian holiday, which makes it possible to free ourselves from the slavery of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For believers, this holiday is the embodiment […]

Free Floral Border Machine Embroidery Design

Machine embroidery is a reliable way of applying a wide variety of drawings of any complexity on a wide variety of fabrics. And thanks to modern technologies this skill is accessible literally to everyone. Previously, the computer embroidery editor, complete with a ribbon insect, was an expensive treat. One set of editor with an insect […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Easter Cross with lilies – 2 sizes

Pay attention to this Easter cross embroidery, if you are a wonderful mistress and you want to prove it to yourself and everyone else again. On the eve of Easter, every woman has a huge list of things, including not only standard cleaning and cooking, but also the creation of a festive atmosphere. Use the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage key – 2 sizes

There are new doors to open, new things to marvel at and so many new dreams to dream about each day of our lives! A graduation party, a sweet 16 birthday celebration, a waited-for-so-long promotion or really any other holiday is a new beginning to so many wonderful things! How do you properly welcome such […]

Machine Embroidery Design Amazing Cross

This Machine Embroidery Design Amazing Cross is created only for religious people. Among them there are always those who wish to emphasize and confirm their belief. The beautiful openwork embroidery will help to embody it with taste and even regardless of obligatory church rituals. Such ornament can be a fine addition on clothes and on […]

Machine Embroidery Design Amazing yellow rose

“…A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” a classic said, enthralled by beauty of the flower. And the whole world agreed… From early on till nowadays no flower could match roses in beauty of either their aroma or their exquisite form. In bouquets for brides or centerpieces on festive tables, roses make […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Tree Toy

On the eve of magic holidays – Christmas and New year – home decorations become a hit of sales. They can be bought in all shops of the planet, but also made by one’s own hands. Before cheerful winter holidays we offer this Free Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Tree Toy. This picture can be executed: […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear

This Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear is just lovely! You can fall in love at first sight with such a Koala Bear. It will appeal to adults, but to a child it will become a true little friend and a beautiful mascot. This pretty bear cub would look great on clothing or home textiles […]

Amazing Flower Free Machine Embroidery Design

This plant design combines simplicity and elegance. Despite the fact that it does not much resemble a rose, it retains all the qualities that can decorate your interior, clothes and festive table. The original solution will be to place this embroidery free design on table napkins. Thus, you can give an even more celebration and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute cat lying on a Christmas ball

Machine Embroidery Design Cute cat lying on a Christmas ball is all kind of hinting that it is time to prepare for the wonderful winter celebration. Perhaps, it is hard to imagine Christmas and New Year without the sparkling lights, wreaths, stockings, carved snowflakes and, unquestionably, a gorgeous Christmas tree, from top to bottom hung […]