Black Swallow Machine Embroidery Design

Every woman will undoubtedly find old things in the wardrobe that have not been dressed for a long time and are dusting in the closet. To this category of things can be attributed and a little out of fashion coat. Today we would like to tell you how to decorate and revitalize such a coat […]

Machine Embroidery Design Indian flowers – 2 size

Embroidery in Indian style is very interesting and original. It formed over many centuries, and influenced by many cultures and nationalities. Despite this fact did not prevent India from creating its original, interesting and unusual culture. Everyone knows that the traditional women’s attire in India is a sari. Each item strikes with its luxury and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Autumn

The first weeks of autumn are a glorious time, when the air still preserves the remains of summer heat, but nature already begins to dress in gold. The sun shares the last warm rays, and yellow, orange, red foliage pleases with its bright colors, as if comforting about the past summer. When September comes, it’s […]

Machine Embroidery Design Fantastic flowers 3D

What is the best way to convey beauty of a flower? An exquisite aura and charming allure of every floret are best conveyed in venerable fairytale legends. The enchanted rose of Beauty and the Beast… Story is one of such masterpieces telling about nature’s gentle gems, framed by people’s imagination into a graceful mythical image. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Neckline with roses

The Machine Embroidery Design Neckline with roses instantly attracts anyone’s attention. And you, probably, at once imagined a blouse, a dress or a sundress with such ornament. This is an excellent offer which allows to turn a usual dress into a special and unique one. The Machine Embroidery Design Neckline with roses consists of 10 […]

Beautiful Princess Machine Embroidery Design

To please your children does not necessarily bribe their recognition of toys or any other expensive things. Children first of all appreciate the sincerity and attention. If you want to make your daughter happy and give her joy, then refer to the Beautiful Princess Machine Embroidery Design. A wonderful composition will certainly be to your […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Golden Tree of luck

If you have found Free Machine Embroidery Design Golden Tree of Luck, don’t miss this chance. Even work on such fine embroidery promises good luck to the one who will execute it. Look how much light and gloss is in this drawing! It seems that this tree is lit from the outside. But the embroidery […]

Daisies Machine Embroidery Pattern

These magnificent bright summer daisies will make your image simply irresistible and emphasize your refinement and exquisite taste. Performed in the technology of the shadow satin stitch, they are suitable for any summer clothes, both of dense and of fine fabrics. The main thing that you need to choose the correct stabilization. The shadow satin […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Oriental ochre

Before you the magnificent oriental ornaments, which are combinations of various curls and monograms. These elements are intertwined in bizarre and intricate forms, and at the same time traditional for oriental motifs, compositions. It is difficult to imagine how long a craftsman must spend his time on such an embroidery, which prefers needlework. Here you […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Flower motif for borders

One of the main motives in embroidery traditions is the flower subject. The presented machine embroidery design Gold Flower Motif for Borders belongs to this trend. The drawing reflects the culture of ornament decoration of household items and clothes by flowers. But besides decorative function, the deep sacral meaning is put in flower patterns. It […]

Machine Embroidery Design Romantic bohemian feel – 2 sizes

Flowers are revered treasures in legends and myths around the world. Because they were deemed gods’ creations, ethereal jewelry of the Earth, which no man could duplicate. In times when ancient lore was born, these gentle blooming rainbows had magical powers. They could talk, manipulate people’s feelings and even cause transformation of various kinds. That […]