Free Machine Embroidery Design Roses

In the collection of floral machine embroidery designs ROSES stand out for their simple lines, but showy appearance. Bright scarlet buds, which are just starting to open up, are the center of attention here. Two saturated shades of red accentuate each petal and make the finished image on fabric look as realistic as possible. Such […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Flower

One of the most widespread elements in embroidery is considered a flower. Its variations can be seen on the most ancient pictures and embroideries. It symbolizes the beauty and the feminine beginning. In addition, every flower has its meaning and symbolism. In addition, a language of flowers existed from ancient times. Every color and its shade, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Sea animals

The sea seems to be a fascinating unknown world, populated with beautiful and sometimes strange creatures. SEA ANIMALS among green seaweed and colored corals look as if copied from the real ones. One glance at this machine embroidery design makes you imagine a warm southern sea. The seahorse and the fish look great together. These […]

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Designs LOVE

What is this marvelous feeling called love? Is it just the physical attraction of one person to another or is it that of souls, which find each other finally after so many lives being apart? There is a legend advocating the latter. According to it, once men and women lived in a happy and harmonious […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Castle for a Princess

Machine Embroidery Designs Castle for a Princess can be a great option for a child’s room. Bright pink, with turrets, hearts and waving flags, the castle looks as if it has descended from the pages of a fantasy book or magically transported from a favorite cartoon. It seems that a castle is something of a […]

Machine Embroidery Design Stork delivering a newborn baby

Storks are found in the culture of many peoples. For example, in the case of Jews, this bird means mercy and compassion, a special love for children. In Christianity, the stork is associated with purity, chastity, piety and vigilance. In Slavs this feathered was a bird-totem, a symbol of the motherland, family well-being, home comfort, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute baby monkey hamming on a tree

Machine embroidery design Cute Baby Monkey Hamming on a Tree is a real treasure for mothers or caring senior sisters. This funny monkey will surely please any child. Enjoy your little baby by donating another little thing decorated with Machine embroidery design Cute Baby Monkey Hamming on a Tree. Such a charming drawing can be […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute bee holding a heart

Bright Machine Embroidery Design Cute bee holding a heart looks absolutely adorable! This lovely creature cannot but cause a smile, besides, it carries a big heart – a sign of love. Such patterns for embroidery machines are perfect to decorate gifts for the dearest people. Cute bee embroidery design will show your deep feelings and […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Snowman Redwork

We have a novelty in our christmas embroidery designs collection. The using of Free Machine Embroidery Design Snowman Redwork will help you to feel the celebration atmosphere and create whole composition in your Christmas interior. This free embroidery design should be embroidered in the Redwork technique and considered to be festive and magnificent. By the […]

Forget-me-nots Frame Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

They are tender and elegant, timid and sensitive. They are the most well-mannered and the quietest blossoms in the fragrant flower kingdom. But it never stopped them from being truly charming. Their name is forget-me-nots. It has become a tradition to give someone you value so much a forget-me-not. Its delicate blue petals are a […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Elephants

The Machine Embroidery Design Cute Elephants is a creative idea for your interior design or for presents! This lovely pattern features a couple of elephants with their trunks interwoven and two friendly birds. The design is evocative and laconic, which gives the embroidery both a serious and stylish look. Elephants were familiar to men since […]

Grapes Machine Embroidery Design with Cross

Admirers of sacral symbolics won’t pass by this offer. The Grapes Machine Embroidery Design with Cross is full of it. Since the oldest times all people of the Mediterranean countries give a special honoring to a grapevine. In ancient times it was a symbol of fertility, wealth, prosperity. After appearance of Christianity this symbol was […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Princess Crown

Is there a girl that doesn’t want to get into the fairytale and be a beautiful Princess? Doubtfully. Every little one dreams to have a castle, a carriage and servants, and of course, the glittering crown. Girls are ready to wear their toy tiaras constantly, never taking it off, because none of the fairy Princesses […]

Machine Embroidery Design Decorative frame in Victorian style – 3 sizes

The Victorian style is truly gentle and refined. It combines simplicity and grandeur, casualness and celebration. Despite the fact that this is a relatively young direction (the beginning of existence is the XIX century), its popularity is not quenched. World designers in Paris, London and New York use Victorian-style embroidery for their collections. Embroidery in […]

Machine cross-stitch embroidery Ornaments

Elegant ornaments Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Designs Machine embroidery, as well as manual, includes different technique and types. However, traditionally machine embroidery divides into two huge groups of patterns. The first is satin stitch, which is characterized by the using of stitches of different length. The second is cross-stitch embroidery. It has deep roots. Moreover, it […]

In The Hoop Sleep Mask Michelangelo

Mornings are hard only when nights are hard too. Light of dawn isn’t so welcome at the daybreak when your night was filled with lights of other kinds. Neon ads, lamplights, flickering of TV, even time indicator on your alarm clock can distract you from restful sleep. Lesson learnt by most of us the hard, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Adorable white kitten with golden crown

Machine Embroidery Design Adorable White Kitten with Golden Crown will gladly become a lovely decorative accent to pillows of their beds and blankies or even pajamas. The little cat will help you put them to sleep. Telling stories about how it went “to London to visit the Queen” and how it was the Queen herself who’d given it its golden crown.

Machine Embroidery Design Russian Folk border

What would you want for a souvenir from magical Russia? Would it be famous wooden dolls or a samovar or may be a fur hat? Each of the iconic pieces has charismatic appeal of the big northern country. However, when mingled with other curios of your house, their warm, heartfelt verve might clash with the […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Buttonholes

Fashion is what makes our style. It transforms, improves and beautifies each and every little thing about our outfits, influencing our look in a much greater way than we think. What once was just a protection from the elements has been turned by the fashion into an expression of style. What once was used for […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lacy Leaves

Machine embroidery design Lacy Leaves is perfect for admirers of timeless classics. This is an example of an exquisite, elegant decor that will neither lose its relevance tomorrow, nor next century. Decorated with golden thread, your home textiles will look richer, if not to say more “expensive.” A trim of delicate leaves can decorate heavy […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Snow Maiden

Clad in most exquisite snowflakes, this beautiful snow fairy knows how to add charm to any austere scene. She makes winter more cheerful, instilling laughter in snow games and skating; and making beautiful drawings on ice-kissed windows. Invite her to your home, to warm near the Yule-log, and her visit will spread most blissful holiday […]

Machine Embroidery Design Emerald blank monogram

A precious drop of nature, mimicking the splendor of its most fragrant creations. A green-eyed king of all the gems, emerald has been reigning through millennia. Like hypnotizing aroma of a precious flower, emerald’s mesmerizing aura traveled through time. Space, captivating minds of common people, kings and gods alike. Precious deities of Peru, noble and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rowan frame

Do you want to have a unique interior of your house? Then pay attention to the machine embroidery design Rowan frame – 3 sizes. It will allow you to make the dwelling beautiful and festive during any season. Bright paints of the design will draw attention and please all residents and guests of the house. […]