Machine Embroidery Design Ocean Corals

A miracle of nature can be called sea corals. These mysterious and beautiful phenomena number more than 6 thousand species, and their color spectrum distinguishes up to 350 different shades. It is not strange that many people admire corals and turn to their image in art. We can found corals not only in a wild […]

Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown

Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown proves that even a miniature pattern can be expressive and is able to attract attention. Use this machine embroidery design to beautify clothing, accessories and home textiles, such as decorative napkins or serviettes. Any product will look luxurious with this picture, especially if you keep the designer’s idea and embroider […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Greek Ornament

Embroidery in the Greek style is original and colorful, but, unfortunately, is not so common in modern needlework. Despite this, Greek ornaments are simply amazing and beautiful. As a rule, Greek ornaments consist of geometric figures that have their own mysterious and even magical meaning. Each turn, line or point has its own meaning. Machine […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Rose

Small Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Rose is simply gorgeous, but can the queen of flowers look different? For thousands of years the rose has been and remains the subject of admiration. We glorify and adore it for the noble beauty and seductive aroma. There is probably no more recognizable flower, it is known in all […]

Star of David Machine Embroidery Design Judaism Symbol

This design can be applied both to the interior, and to transform a variety of outfits. In your home machine embroidery design Jewish star can become a wonderful element of decor on many household items. Refine the simple bath towel by adding this interesting symbol.  Place it on a pillow that will be displayed on […]

Free Swastika Machine Embroidery Design

Many associate the swastika with Nazism and Hitler’s ideology. In fact, this symbol simply became widely known thanks to the Hitlerite regime, but the sign itself existed long before all these events. This is proved by the fact that one of the images of the swastika was recorded during the Paleolithic period (25-20 thousand years […]

Machine Embroidery Design OM symbol

What do you know about this Om symbol except belonging to Judaism? Why is it s popular? A lot of people use Om symbol like a talisman. But only some of them know what it means. Sound is a frequency, and the whole universe consists of frequencies. The Creator says that in Christianity there is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Islam

The unusual machine embroidery design Islam has appeared in our collection. A modern person associates the crescent and the star with the Muslim world. However, this sign had appeared several millennia before Islam. Historians and culturologists specify different sources of this symbol’s origin. Many scientists agree that ancient people used astronomical symbols for worship of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rose

Machine Embroidery Design Rose will appeal not only to fans of these flowers. This  machine embroidery design can be used for decoration of home textiles. Lady’s wear or accessories made of cloth, such as neckerchiefs, scarfs, headdresses, handbags and many other things. ROSES in classic colors will suit any fashion style. Machine Embroidery Design Rose […]